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2nd Annual Non-Traditional Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Summit

21 March, 2011 - 23 March, 2011, Washington, DC Metro Area, United States

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Exploiting Mission Systems to Increase ISR Capabilities

Non-Traditional Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (NTISR) is still a relatively new concept in the military. Requirements, equipment concept, concepts of employment, and funding are all loosely defined all while the new NTISR solutions are needed today!

IDGA’s 2nd Annual Non-Traditional ISR Summit will provide the most up-to-date information on the latest NTISR advancements in technologies and the lessons learned from recent efforts and aircraft enhancements. This event will take a closer look at military strategies for integrating ISR capabilities into existing platforms as well as active operations in intelligence starved regions. Due to increasing challenges, acquisition decisions are currently being made, as well as new requirements for industry.

NEW Non-Traditional ISR 2011 Highlights:

  • The need for innovative technology in current conflicts for NTISR development
  • Contemporary challenges in Non-Traditional ISR implementation for the Warfighter
  • Advancements in increasing data acquisition within the NTISR community
  • New opportunities where industry can partner to fill current ISR gaps through future Non-Traditional ISR

Discover the latest trends for NTISR development and implementation from key decision makers:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Mike Dawson, USA, USAIC ISR, US Army Intelligence Center of Excellence
  • Major Matthew Reiley, Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Colonel (ret) Stephen Anthony, ISR Military Analyst, NATO
  • Robert Arbetter, SES, Director Collection Concepts and Strategies, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Collection and Analysis, The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence)
  • Thomas Pappas, USA, Director Futures Analysis & Production, G-2
  • Colonel Daryl Hauck, USAF, Program Executive Officer, ISR and Special Operations Forces
  • Davi D’Agostino, Director Homeland Defense and Emerging Threats and Warfare, Defense Capabilities and Management, Government Accountability Office
  • Terry Mitchell, Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Army ISR Integration Directorate, G-2
  • James Shircliffe, Critical National Assets/Technology Unit, Counterintelligence Division, FBI
  • Colonel (ret) Roy Fox, USA, Director Integration, Synchronization, and Analysis and Requirements Determination, TRADOC
  • Paul Scharre, USA, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Development, OSD
  • Chris Jackson, Deputy Chief, ISR Integration, Experimentation, System Support Division, Intelligence Directorate Joint Forces Command
  • Colonel James Gear, USAF, Director, RPA Task Force
  • Amy Markowich, USN, Deputy, Test and Evaluation Executive, ASN(RD&A)
  • Colonel Linda Herbert, USA, Project Manager, Night Vision, Reconnaissance, Surveillance & Target Acquisition
  • Colonel Timothy Hill, USA, Director Futures Directorate, INSCOM
  • Dr. Pete Rustan, Director, Mission Support Directorate, National Reconnaissance Office
  • Lieutenant Colonel Wesley Ardt, USAF, Former Chief, MNC-I Electronic Warfare Coordination Cell, Baghdad
  • Commander Chris "Hewy" Hewlett, USN, South and Southeast Asia Division, Joint Staff, J-5
  • Colonel (ret) Laurie Buckhout, USA, Vice-President Association of Old Crows, Chief Electronic Warfare Division

Who You Will Meet

At IDGA’s 2nd Annual Non-Traditional Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Summit, you will have the unique opportunity to interact and network with representatives from the ISR Community, as well as personnel from military units, government agencies, research, manufacturers/contractors, and technology service providers. Attendees will include Program Managers and Project Managers, Branch Heads, Project Leads, Commanders, Scientists and Engineers with the following responsibilities:

  • Program Management
  • Research
  • Future Joint Strategy
  • Requirements
  • Acquisition
  • Technological Advancement
  • Interoperability

Venue & Accomodations

Venue to be confirmed
Washington, DC Metro Area

More information to follow...


Event details

21 March, 2011
23 March, 2011
Washington, DC Metro Area
Venue to be confirmed
United States


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