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Our 5th Annual Social Media within the Utilities Sector conference returns to London next April.

In 2016, it is estimated that there will be around 2.13 billion social network users around the globe, up from 1.4 billion in 2012. As use of social media continues to grow rapidly every year amongst the utility sector's consumers, companies need to identify the best approach and interaction techniques with the consumer in order to protect their brand and reputation but most importantly, develop their business. Coupled with this is how companies can easily provide a high quality of customer service over social media more cost effectively than traditional methods such as call centres.

Engaging with the public in a digital environment is no longer a choice, in fact by 2020 about 95% of a utility company's bill paying customers will have either grown up during the age of digital technology or will be "digital converts" and fully digital savvy. Marketing strategy is has moved away from the question 'should I be on social media?', it's all about how social media can transform a company's digital presence and customer interaction.  

We will discuss investment in digital marketing and explore how businesses should shape their online presence and develop strategies to harness online technologies. A key focus of this conference will be assessing how to make social media the centre of operations, not just a useful tool.

The utility sector has always been viewed as boring and cooperate by the public, however, sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offer companies a chance to amend these broken bridges and repair customer relationships. Consistency, transparency, and honesty are crucial, so this conference will focus on injecting personality into communications and formulating creative strategies to regain customer trust. Finally, social media unlocks the potential of digital marketing, an essential tool to any company, as proven by the online success of the retail sector. Recent industry research confirms that digital communication can influence sales both online and in the store: 40% of all social media users have purchased items online or in-store after sharing or "favoriting" them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, according to research from Vision Critical. This once more highlights how social can act as the catalyst to business development for the utilities sector, and reinforces the need for investment in this vital arm of company business.

Benefits of Attending

  • Understand how digital marketing is key to business development
  • Learn from case studies on crisis management and containment
  • Discover how to create and manage your brand in an online environment
  • Transform your business: make your organisation more social and cultivate a network of change
  • Gain insight into social optimisation: unlock the potential of your data
  • Benefit from roundtable discussions to benchmark against peers' social media strategy

Plus Two Interactive Post-Conference Workshops | Wednesday 13th April 2016

A: Containing and Managing Crisis on Social Media
Hosted by: Hannah Walsh, Senior Consultant, Hill+Knowlton Strategies
08.30 - 12.30

B: Joining Social Inside with Social Outside: Creating the Infinity Loop for 21st Century Organisations
Hosted by: Cerys Hearsey, Lead Consultant, Postshift
Ea Ryberg Due, Consultant, Postshift
13.30 - 17.30


  • Alex Marshall, Group Marketing & Compliance Manager, Clarke Energy Ltd
  • Andrew Kindness, Team Manager, Scottish Water
  • Angela Maher, Senior Associate, Ofwat Uk
  • Bernard Mooney, Customer Care Manager, Gas Networks Ireland
  • Conor Barron, Digital Communications Manager, Bord Gais Energy
  • Corinna Allen, Head of Communications, Southern Water Services Ltd
  • Giuseppe Caltabiano, Vice President Marketing Integration - Content, Social Media, PR Strategy, Schneider Electric
  • Jane Goddard, Head of Marketing and Communications, Energy Saving Trust
  • Kevin Byrne, Social Media Expert, Irish Water
  • Laura Hopperton, Digital Content Manager, South East Water Ltd
  • Lee Bryant, Founder, Postshift
  • Marina Hunt, Manager Customer & Business Performance, ESB Networks
  • Paul Sergeant, Online Community Manager, Ecotricity
  • Phil Young, Head of Online, TfL
  • Richard O'hEadra, Channel Management and Analysis Specialist, Irish Water
  • Toni Calder, Marketing & Brand Manager, UK Power Networks
  • Wendy Eyre, Social Media Manager, E.ON
  • William Ancell, Web Manager, Scottish Water
The agenda is available as PDF under downloads at the right side of the page.

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Holiday Inn Kensington Forum
97 Cromwell Rd, Kensington, SW7 4DN
London, UK

Who Should Attend

  • Social Media Managers
  • Online Marketing Directors
  • Communications Officers
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Lead Media Relations
  • Heads of Recruitment
  • Digital/ Website Managers
  • Press Officers
  • Head of Consulting
  • Business Development Managers
  • PR Managers
  • Brand reputation managers


Holiday Inn Kensington Forum
97 Cromwell Rd,
London, SW7 4DN
United Kingdom