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CABSEC 2018 Conference

27 March, 2018 - 29 March, 2018, Kingston, Jamaica

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Enhancing Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) and Increasing Security and Defence Resource Optimisation.

Our annual CABSEC and SAMSEC forums will be hosted by the Jamaica Defence Force; Kingston, 27-29 March.

This established forum meets annually and brings together the region's defence and security leadership to discuss strategy, cooperation, requirements and challenges and has helped advance the security dialogue in the region through the forum's objectives to;
  • Promote regional and hemispheric security cooperation through expanding networks
  • Help to build enduring partnerships in order to enhance regional security capacity in Central and South America and the Caribbean

The key theme for 2018 is Enhancing Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) and Increasing Security and Defence Resource Optimisation, with particular application to transnational and transregional threats. Counter-Terrorism; Counter-Narcotics; Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief; and protecting national Exclusive Economic Zones throughout the hemisphere.

If you are in the business of addressing the challenges in the region we will help you enhance and build the network you need to counter the networked threats we face.

Key topics discussed at CABSEC & SAMSEC 2018 include:

  • Combating transnational organised criminal networks
  • Strengthening inter-institutional coordination for the exchange of information
  • Ensuring the security of the maritime domain and EEZ is safeguarded for economic purposes
  • Facilitating regional and hemispheric security cooperation
  • Sharing lessons relating to the interdiction of narcotics flowing through the region
  • National and collective approaches to security challenges
  • Enhancing regional training, capacity building and security cooperation
  • Sharing lessons in procurement and modernization

"Interesting and well organised"
James Story, Director, U.S. Department of State


Jamaica Pegasus Hotel
81 Knutsford Blvd, Kingston 5, Jamaica
Phone: +1 876-926-3690

Travel and accommodation are not included in the conference fee; however we have put together a HotelMap that displays discounted accommodation for hotels in the area near to CABSEC 2018. The map displays live availability and allows you to book directly with each hotel:

Please note: We will never recommend, approve or appoint any third party rooming service to act on our behalf. Please be extremely wary if you are approached by any such companies. We will always endeavour to negotiate the best available rates for you so please use the Hotel's website link provided.Site Visit Day - Tuesday 27 March 2018

Conference Day One - Wednesday 28 March 2018

Conference Day Two - Thursday 29 March 2018

The agenda is available as PDF under downloads at the right side of the page.

Meet the Speakers

Host Nation Speakers

  • Major General Rocky Meade, Chief of Defence Staff, Jamaican Defence Force

2018 early confirmed participants:

  • Major-General Micheal Rouleau, Commander, Canada’s Special Operations Forces
  • Rear Admiral René-Jean Crignola, Commander (COMSUP)
  • Rear Admiral Christopher Tomney, Director, Joint Interagency Task Force South
  • Brigadier General Stephen Lacroix, Director General of the Secretariat, Inter-American Defense Board
  • Brigadier General Alirio Garcia Flamenco Sevilla, Deputy Chief of Defence, El Salvador Armed Forces
  • Brigadier General Peter Jan de Vin, Commander, Netherlands Forces in the Caribbean
  • Brigadier David Eastman, Head International Policy and Plans, Latin America and the Caribbean, UK MoD
  • Colonel Sir Trevor Thomas, Commander, Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force
  • Colonel Glyne Sinatra Grannum, Chief of Staff, Barbados Defence Force
  • Colonel Steven Ortega, Deputy Commander, Belize Defence Force
  • Captain Exon Oswaldo Ascenio Albeño, Fleet Commander, El Salvador Naval Force
  • Major Joseph Anthony Comrie, Commander of the Coast Guard, St Kitt's and Nevis Defence Force
  • Wayne Raabe, Principal Deputy Chief, Narcotic and Dangerous Drug Section, U.S. Department of Justice
  • Karen Clarke, Caribbean Regional Coordinator, EU SEACOP
  • Juan Martinez, Regional Coordinator for Latin and South America, EU SEACOP
  • David McNicol-Jones, CEO, Rescue Global
  • Alexander Stephenson, Executive Conference Producer, Defence IQ


Event details

Defence IQ
27 March, 2018
29 March, 2018
Jamaica Pegasus Hotel


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