Mobile Deployable Communications conference

January 31-February 1, 2019 - Warsaw, Poland

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Our 12th annual Mobile Deployable Communications conference returns to Warsaw on the 31st January and 1st February 2019.

As data requirements for the modern warfighter continue to grow, there is a clear and present need to analyse the flexibility, interoperability and resilience of CIS systems among allied forces. With additional importance in the face of continued operations within asymmetrical and hybrid conflict zones - as well as near peer adversaries exploiting new electronic warfare technologies - the need to achieve secure communications has never been greater.

With over 120+ attendees, 7 hours of networking and an extensive exhibition space - Mobile Deployable Communications remains the key calendar date for anyone within the radio, LTE and ground segment community.

Benefits of Attending

  • Hear from leading industrial partners on how they are optimising radios and tactical communications and the latest innovation within
  • connectors, LTE and mesh networks
  • Listen to critical national updates on mobile CIS alongside a unique focus on how special forces are deploying them within degraded and contested environments
  • Meet and network with senior military staff within the J6, Command and Control Directorate, Polish General Staff
  • Discuss how interoperable networks are being established across Europe and how greater flexibility is being achieved through generic architectural approaches

Who should attend

  • Heads of CIS
  • Tactical Communications Programme Managers
  • Heads of G6
  • Heads of Signals
  • Heads of Communications
  • Heads of J6


  • Brigadier General Christopher L. Eubank, 39th Chief of Signal, US Army Signal School
  • Brigadier General Robert Drozd, Chief of the Command and Control, J6 Directorate, Polish Armed Forces
  • Brigadier General Vasil Sabinski, Director of Communications and Information Systems, EU Military Staff
  • Captain Dez Hill, G-6 Projects Officer , US Marine Corps
  • Captain Guillaume Journaux, Deputy Head of Telecommunication Branch , DGA
  • Colonel Grzegorz Szmit, Chief of the IT Infrastructure Branch J6, Polish Armed Forces
  • Colonel Herman Hendrickx, G6, Land Component, Belgian Armed Forces
  • Colonel Manfred Kutz, Assistant Chief of Staff, J6, NATO Multinational Corps Northeast
  • Colonel Mihai Burlacu, Deputy Head of Communications and IT Department, Romanian Defence Staff
  • Colonel Rui Manuel Marques Da Silva, Army CIS Project Manager, Portuguese Armed Forces
  • Colonel Thomas Wirsching, NATO CIS Group J5 Division Head, NATO CIS Group
  • Dr Fulvio Arreghini, Technical Specialist, ESSOR Programme Division, OCCAR
  • Dr Joanna Sliwa, Head of C4I Systems, Military Communications Institute
  • Dr Tim Wilkinson, Chief Technologist, General Dynamics
  • Lieutenant Colonel Aleksandrs Holmanovs, Head of J6 department, Latvian Armed Forces 
  • Lieutenant Colonel Bartosz Jasiul, Head of Cyber Security Laboratory, Military Communications Institute
  • Lieutenant Colonel Grzegorz Wodzynski, Polish Liason Officer, FMN Secretariate, NATO Shape
  • Lieutenant Colonel Kev Simmons, Director J6, NATO Special Operations HQ
  • Major Jason Clement, Senior Officer, Canadian Armed Forces
  • Mr Charles Chedhomme, Commercial, Finance and Programme Management Support Officer, ESSOR Programme, OCCAR
  • Mr Jiral Shah, Senior Engineer, DISA
  • Mr Marty Conrad, Data Controller Products, ViaSat
  • Mr Peter Sevenich, Contact for Projects Network Architecture, MANET and ConSIS , Fraunhofer Institute*
  • Mr Peter Stracke, Branch Chief, Federal Office of the Bundeswehr for Information Management and Information Technology
  • Mr Timo Haas, CTO, Blackned GmbH 

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Marriott Hotel Warsaw
Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79
Warsaw, Poland
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