Drug Discovery Chemistry 2019 Conference

March 18-19, 2019 - London, United Kingdom

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We are proud to present our 3rd Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry conference on the 18th-19th March 2019 in London.

The drug discovery field is undergoing dramatic change. There is currently a reduced output of new medicines due to challenges in R&D, pricing pressures and regulations. While these challenges are slowing progress, demand for new, more effective medicines are steadily growing. However, new technologies have allowed for the drug discovery process to overall become more streamlined and cost-efficient, and scientific advances have made the identification of novel drug targets, modalities, and therapeutic areas to be recognised. This presents a new opportunity for the development of novel medicines and technologies within the pharmaceutical market.

Our 3rd annual Drug Discovery Chemistry conference aims to discuss emerging techniques, potential drug targets, and advances in the drug discovery field that are driving the pharmaceutical industry into a new era of medicines and therapeutics. This conference aims to provide insight into how these developments can be best utilised in the commercial setting.

Join us in London, March 2019, as we discuss the latest developments in the field of Drug Discovery Chemistry. Network with industry experts, gain insight into the latest technological developments and how these are being utilised within the pharmaceutical industry, discuss the potential of novel drug modalities, the use of AI in drug discovery and the latest medicinal chemistry techniques and how these can be brought into the commercial market.

Benefits of Attending

  • Discuss latest advances in medicinal chemistry techniques and how these can be implemented in the commercial space of drug discovery.
  • Learn about protein degradation in drug discovery with the utilisation of PROTACs
  • Hear about PPIs and how protein-protein interactions are being targeted in drug discovery
  • Gain insight into the potential of Macrocycles in targeting difficult genomic targets
  • Discuss the uses and advances in AI in drug discovery and the potential for the future
  • Hear about how the pharmaceutical industry are making use of AI currently

Plus an Interactive Half-Day Post-Conference Workshop | Wednesday 20th March 2019

Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery
Workshop Leader: Dr Nick Camp, Drug Discovery Consultant, Nick Camp Consulting Ltd


  • Alexander Hillisch, Director, Medicinal Chemistry, Bayer
  • Andrew Popplewell, Head Antibody Discovery, UCB
  • Chris Tame, Research Leader, BenevolentAI
  • Christine Prosser, Principal Scientist, UCB Celltech
  • Darren Green, Director of Molecular Design, GlaxoSmithKline plc
  • Edgar Jacoby, Senior Principal Scientist Computational Chemistry at Janssen, Johnson and Johnson
  • Govinda Bhisetti, Principal Investigator and Head of Computational Chemistry, Biogen
  • Hasane Ratni, Expert Scientist, Roche Pharmaceuticals
  • Helmut Thomas, President and CEO, Cylenium Pharma
  • James Dale, Senior Scientist and Head of Chemistry, Nanna Therapeutics
  • Markus Queisser, Scientific Leader, Glaxo Smith Kline
  • Phil Cox, Senior Principal Research Scientist, Abbvie
  • Roderick Hubbard, Senior Fellow, University of York & Vernalis Research Ltd
  • Roland Burli, Senior Director, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Astrazeneca
  • Tobias Gabriel, Head, External Science & Drug Discovery, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inc.
  • Ulrich Schopfer, Head of Integrated Target & Lead Discovery, Novartis
  • Vivek Vishnudas, Sr Vice President Drug discovery & Platform Sciences, Berg LLC

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Copthorne Tara Hotel
Scarsdale Pl, Kensington, W8 5SY
London, UK


Copthorne Tara Hotel
Scarsdale Place
Kensington, London
United Kingdom
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