Air Mission Planning Conference

London, United Kingdom

We are proud to present our 10th annual Air Mission Planning conference, which will take place in London on the 9th and 10th April 2019. After the great success achieved in 2018, we aim to improve the conference even more by offering a unique and in depth experience by integrating for this year's event the support and operational prospective of air missions.

Understanding the upcoming threats and the urgent needs of various armed forces facing them, we present a precise and accurate forum for discussion led by commanding officers, senior leaders, academics, and industry experts, with the goal to take a stand in pushing technological development, bringing together friends and allies, and improve awareness of real world dynamics.

At Air Mission Planning and Support 2019 there will be a unique focus on the complexity of managing varied air mission planning and support systems and key strategies, not only to procure and acquire new systems, but also how to best upgrade, modernise and improve existing platforms for modern day warfare and operations. These technological upgrades will bring to the production and implementation of new integrated assets, training, updating legacy assets, interoperability in joint environments, data management by means of smart software and improved cyber security.

Benefits of Attending

  • New for 2019: rotary system mission planning, cyber security and the future of mission planning systems
  • Perspectives from the RAF, US Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, Belgian Air Force and NATO on air mission planning and support
  • Technological upgrades and advancements for 5th generation aircraft and systems
  • A focus on mission support in fixed and rotary systems along with data management and cyber security

Who should attend

  • Air Forces Chiefs of Staff
  • Commanders
  • Senior Representatives
  • Senior Leaders
  • Industry Experts
  • Engineers
  • Programme Managers
  • Army Aviation Commanders
  • Academics


  • Air Commodore (Ret'd) Paddy Teakle, Former Deputy Commander NATO AEW&C Force Command, NATO

Expert Military and Industry Speakers:

  • Group Captain Richard Yates, COS Air Battle Staff, Royal Air Force
  • Captain Craig Dorrans, Enterprise Planning Director, Joint Strike Fighter Program Office, US Navy
  • Colonel Mark G. Roberts, 22 Wing Commander, Canadian Forces Base North Bay, Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Colonel (ret'd) George Riebling, Deputy General Manager, NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Programme Management Agency (NAPMA)
  • Colonel Etienne Faury, Chief of Planning Office, French Air Force
  • Colonel (ret'd) Athanasios Chouliaras, Airborne ISR - C2BM Platforms & EW systems evaluator, Hellenic Air Force Veterans Association
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Strange, Commander, 13th Air Support Operations Squadron, US Air Force
  • Mr Kenneth Kash, Chief Mission Planning for Combat Air Forces (CAF), Airspace Mission Planning Division, US Air Force


St James' Court
Buckingham Gate
London, United Kingdom
Event details
Organizer : SMi Defence
Event type : Conference
Reference : ASDE-19165