AI Innovations Summit East Coast

Elevate clinical trial operations, healthcare outcomes, and supply chain implementaion through AI

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Artificial intelligence is recognized as a powerful tool for enhancing research and development of novel therapeutics. Machine learning and model training can be used to efficiently inform drug and device development. If AI or machine learning can improve the success or speed of the drug development process at any point, it would have big implications down the entire chain. This is a three-track event for pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals interested in improving health outcomes through and accelerating the availability of new treatments through the use of advanced technology.

AI in Drug and Clinical Development Track
Artificial intelligence is being used in life science organizations to accelerate drug development and spur medical device innovation by determining genomic profiles, recognizing a need for immediate clinical intervention, and minimizing risks during clinical development. In this track, our speaking faculty will explore key machine learning and drug development insights for utilizing AI in therapeutic development.

Track Chairperson
Karim Damji, Senior Vice President, Product Management & Marketing, SAAMA TECHNOLOGIES INC.

AI for Healthcare Track
While applications, systems, and platforms have been developed to transform healthcare innovation and delivery, there is lacking narrative in AI's actual execution in healthcare organizations. In this track, healthcare, and technology experts showcase AI applications to improve health outcomes, prevent diseases, and streamline diagnose.

Track Chairperson
Evon Holladay, Chief Operating Officer, A HEALTHIER WE

Wearables and Digital Therapeutics Track
Digital healthcare is the intersections of technological advancements in the form of wearable devices, healthcare software, and the interconnected delivery of healthcare solutions. In this track, we will dive into developing standards for digital health solutions as well as hear cases studies from experts leading are using computational technologies, IoT devices, and predictive analytics to improve health outcomes.

Who Should Attend

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Visualization
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Automated Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Bioinformatics
  • Business Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Clinical Development
  • Clinical Innovation
  • Clinical Integration
  • Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Program
  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Development
  • Cloud Computation
  • Cloud Management
  • Commercial Innovation
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Computational Science
  • Computational Systems
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Governance
  • Data Management
  • Data Science
  • Deep Learning
  • Digital Health
  • Digital Innovation
  • Drug Discovery
  • Drug Development
  • Drug Safety
  • Emerging Science
  • Enterprise Data Architecture
  • Genomic Profiling
  • Healthcare Diagnostics
  • Information Security
  • Innovation
  • Integration Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Machine Learning
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Imagining
  • Modeling Platform
  • Partnership Development
  • Personalized Medicine
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Quantitative Medicine
  • Quantitative Research
  • Robotics
  • Supply Chain Compliance
  • Supply Chain Innovation
  • Supply Chain Operations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Supply Chain Technology
  • Technology
  • Technology Innovation
  • Translational Medicine


Sonesta Hotel Philadelphia
1800 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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