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Past event: Digital Pharma West Conference

Why 9th Digital Pharma West Is the Number-One Provider of Content, Innovation and Practical Insights on the West Coast.

For 2019, we have spent a great deal of time conducting research and recruiting speakers from organizations of ALL sizes.

We've found that, regardless of their company size, life science marketers struggle with how to effectively, efficiently and compliantly deliver an optimal customer experience. However, certain challenges are universal. At Digital Pharma West, we will explore these themes, delve into relevant questions and provide solutions to help overcome obstacles in your everyday business.

Therefore we have developed a completely new agenda structure to reflect this:

Bridging the Divisional Gaps Digitally - Transforming Into the Modern Digitized Organization
Why should you attend these sessions?
  • Is there a disconnect between your overlapping divisions? IT execs - are your Reps not properly utilizing the new tools/tactics/ technologies you have developed? Is Marketing not properly promoting these to the Reps? Marketing execs - is IT not taking on board the feedback you have received from Reps on physician visits to tweak/improve said technologies/tactics? Whether IT, Marketing or Reps, join these sessions to understand how to bridge the gaps seamlessly between your divisions to optimize communication, marketing automation, and campaign ROI.
Multichannel Engagement
Why should you attend these sessions?
  • Breaking down the engagement model: fully digital, traditional, integrated. Understand how to develop and implement a multichannel strategy and vision for HCP, Patient, Payer, and Medical non-face-to-face customer touchpoints. Optimize your marketing automation; connecting marketing and technology to drive MCM customer experiences.
Customer Engagement and Experience Management
Why should you attend these sessions?
  • Are Digital and MCM COEs being moved into Customer Experience COE? Why is this important for your customer engagement? How can life science organizations get to a place where their customer service offerings are in the same place that their customers are playing in. Join these sessions to find solutions to "we're not there yet" style thinking and de-risking proposals to ensure internal buy-in.
Patient Engagement and Patient Support Services
Why should you attend these sessions?
  • Patients want support from pharma in navigating the systems, not just on cost. How can you help to manage the patient experience given new governmental system?
  • These sessions will analyze the future in patient engagement, patient support programs, and tying the revenue side of it. We will not treat patient support services as CSR initiative. Understand how to design and implement and show real results. Discern how you can "recover" money spent on these patient services.
How Is the Declining Reimbursement Market Affecting the Current Business Model?
Optimizing Your Organizational Readiness for Innovation
Why should you attend these sessions?
  • It has become very apparent that the script is flipping in pharma - disruption is coming - it's just a matter of how soon. So, how can we accelerate commercial service offerings in this time of change and unlock value? These groups of sessions will focus on how life science organizations are doubling down on Customer Obsession and driving a culture change fueled by data. Going beyond "value add" to develop a business model the creates service revenue.
  • You will hear how innovation projects are accelerating and find more modern ways to measure impact. You will also gain some practical tips to help jumpstart your disruption journey, understand how to commercialize digital health, and assign an accurate ROI to digital therapeutics and digital medicines.
Build an Attribution Model for Analytics and ROI
Why should you attend these sessions?
  • Do you experience issues in how to track sales rep materials, attributing to which deck, which touchpoints are leading up to dollars? ROI as a bigger topic - doesn't immediately imply sales. How do you sell ROI internally? Data collection - are you as an organization going back and really understanding learnings from data once the campaign is over - leveraging data to improve predictive analytics? Join these sessions learn how to use this data using to make decisions - benchmarking. Benchmarking for average costs, telesales ROI vs. in-person visits. If you see little to no office access - how do you penetrate that wall? Understand how digital is your tool to get access and measure that impact.
Digital and the Importance of Embedding Data and Technology-Driven Decision Making Into Company Culture
Why should you attend these sessions?
  • Pharma started to innovate and partner to bring in data, tools, and technology, but many are still looking for how to be successful with these new endeavors. One key aspect is that the people in an organization need to be prepared to utilize it and put these new tools against real business cases. In this session, we will explore key questions that organizations should ask before diving into digital health and explore how to embed data and tech-driven decision making into company culture.

Who Attends

This conference is designed for professionals from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and medical device industries whose responsibilities include:
  • Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Multichannel Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Marketing
  • eMarketing
  • eBusiness
  • Global Marketing
  • Interactive Services
  • Channels
  • Innovation
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Engagement Capabilities
  • Field Force/ SFE
  • Brand Management
  • Product Management
  • Strategic Operations
  • PR/Communications
  • New Media
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • IT
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Regulatory Advertising
  • Legal Counsel and MLR
  • Compliance
Together with:
  • Physician Networks
  • ePatients
  • Regulators
  • Digital Agencies
  • Technology Providers


  • Jon Bambalas, VP, Business Development Engagement Resources - PRECISION XTRACT
  • Erin Bennett, Senior Vice President, Client Strategy - APTUS HEALTH
  • Prodeep Bose, Executive Vice President, Growth and Innovation - THE BLOC
  • Allison Brown, Global Head of Employer Brand, ABBVIE
  • Ilias-Georgia Charlafti, Group Leader Digital Health I2O (Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Ophthalmology) Personalised Healthcare and Patient Access Global Product Development Medical Affairs - F. HOFFMANN LA ROCHE, LTD.
  • Jake Coniglio, Head of Manufacturing Solutions - GOODRX
  • Nuvan Dassanaike, Head of Global Digital Innovation - ABBOTT
  • David DeJonghe, Senior Director, Head of Portfolio Strategy - LIFESCAN
  • Jay Denhart-Lillard, Principal, Product Marketing - GENENTECH
  • Zoe Dunn, Principal - HALE ADVISORS
  • Nazish Faruqi, Lead, Multichannel Marketing Orchestration - TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS
  • Ryan Flinn, Innovation Integration Communication Leader - JOHNSON & JOHNSON INNOVATION (JLABS)
  • Robin Fossen, Vice President, Program Management - MELTMEDIA
  • Dan Gandor, Director, U.S. Customer Experience, Oncology and Virology - ABBVIE
  • Jill Gannon, Senior Product Manager, HIV Marketing - GILEAD SCIENCES
  • Dr. Javier Garcia Palacios, Director, Digital Health Ventures G4A - BAYER
  • Sam Glassenberg, Founder and CEO - LEVEL EX
  • Steve Goldsmith, Vice President, Marketing - SANOVAS
  • Ken Gordon, Head of North America Multimedia - SANOFI
  • Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Head of Open Innovation and Co-Founder Novartis Biome - NOVARTIS
  • Guy Hadari, Global Chief Information Of cer and Senior Vice President - SHIRE PHARMACEUTICALS
  • Melissa Halkyard, Senior Director, Product Development and Marketing - PRECISION XTRACT
  • Farhan (CJ) Hameed, Senior Director, Global Real-World Data and Analytics, Chief Digital Office - PFIZER, INC
  • Brian Harris, CEO - MEDRHYTHMS
  • Lance Hill, CEO - WITHIN3
  • Justin Hipps, Vice President of Email and Digital Strategy - HEALTHLINK DIMENSIONS
  • Clifford Jones, CEO - ALLAZO HEALTH
  • Lexi Kaplin, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer - CONVERSATIONHEALTH
  • Hans Kaspersetz, President and Chief Strategist - ARTERIC
  • Andrea Kasprzyk, Manager, Multichannel Marketing, Neuroscience and Ophthalmics Business Unit, U.S. Marketing - TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS
  • Ben Katz, Director of Digital Strategy and Analytics - DRG - DIGITAL
  • Steve Keller, Director, Digital Marketing and Strategy - GE HEALTHCARE
  • Ajay Khanna, Vice President of Marketing - RELTIO
    Omar Khateeb, Director of Growth Marketing and Branding - PORTRERO MEDICAL
  • Sang Kim, Head Digital Analytics and Optimization - ABBOTT DIABETES CARE
  • Benjamin Lei, Director of Marketing, Imbruvica - PHARMACYCLICS, AN ABBVIE COMPANY
  • Alvin Lin, Senior Director, Global Marketing - PORTOLO PHARMACEUTICALS
  • Amanda Malm, Consumer Marketing Manager - MEDTRONIC
  • Lucian Marcinczyk, Head of Multichannel Capabilities - BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
  • Red Maxwell, Chief Marketing Officer - BIGFOOT BIOMEDICAL
  • Austin Mercado, Senior Engagement Director for Precision, Personalized Access Team - PRECISION XTRACT
  • Kacey Moore, Marketing Director of Consumer, Neuroscience U.S. Marketing - AMGEN
  • Paul Murasko, Senior Director, Digital Customer Interaction - IPSEN BIOPHARMACEUTICALS
  • James Musick, Vice President, Head of Neurology Patient Technology U.S. - UCB PHARMACEUTICALS
  • Amanda Phraner, Associate Director, Public Relations and Social Media - HORIZON PHARMA
  • Dave Reim, Chief Product Officer - DMD
  • Bill Reinstein, CEO and CTO - MEDDATA GROUP
  • Parker Richardson, Director, Digital Asset Management and Approval Program - GLAXOSMITHKLINE
  • Marian Shpungin, Senior Web Delivery Manager - GENENTECH
  • Bharat Tewarie, Chief Marketing Officer and Exective Vice President - UCB
  • Vera Toth-Fejel, Director of Patient Marketing and Advocacy - AIMMUNE THERAPEUTICS
  • John Vieira, USA, Head of Commercialization - SOL GEL TECHNOLOGIES
  • Elise Whitaker, Vice President, Client Engagement - CONVERSATION HEALTH
  • Erich Wohlhieter, Executive Director, Digital Health - AMGEN
Digital Innovation Lab - June 24, 2019

Conference Day One - June 25, 2019

Conference Day Two - June 26, 2019

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