Energy from Waste 2019 Conference

Documentation - December 3-4, 2019- London, United Kingdom

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We are proud to introduce our 12th Annual Energy from Waste Conference, due to take place on the 3rd - 4th December 2019 in Central London.

The Energy from Waste (EfW) industry is a fundamental cog of a modern nations infrastructure and energy provision. Not only this, but the increasing move towards greener and sustainable regulations makes this an ever important focus for the energy and waste sectors alike. In respect of this importance, the Energy from Waste conference this year will look at the impact of energy regulations and government policy on the UK market; experiences from the UK EfW sector and specific projects; the financing future beyond PPP (Public-Private Partnerships) and PFI (Private-Finance Initiatives) in light of the reduction in funding and recent funding pullouts; the Energy from Waste projects in Europe and further afield and lessons from these experiences of mature markets and emerging markets; new opportunities through new technologies and feedstock availability; and the future outlook for the industry.

Due to the fact that the fundamental foundations of the Energy from Waste (EfW) industry are changing - given the recent political climate, the changes in financing and funding opportunities and the deepening of the need for greener infrastructure in today's reality - the industry is constantly evolving parallel to these developments.

The conference will not solely be addressing these changes, but also provide a specific attention to international markets, especially those further afield and consider their challenges and solutions to EfW projects and technology. Finally, the conference will also address the fundamental changes to the funding associated with Energy from Waste and how this is impacting the market to move further towards merchant waste projects

Benefits of Attending

  • Receive an update on the Waste and resource strategy - How do the UK Government strategies, policies and legislation affect the EFW market
  • Learn about the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation and the UK's fuel challenges.
  • Understand what the future holds for the waste to fuels market - investment opportunities, markets and more
  • Discuss the global opportunities in the Energy from Waste market;
    -Waste-to-Energy in China: Key Challenges and Opportunities
    -How to ensure your energy from waste project becomes a reality in an emerging market? - Central and Eastern Europe
    -Design, Construction, Maintenance and Operation of the first PPP project for waste management in Greece
  • Understand how to develop the full life cycle of an Energy from Waste project on a "subsidy-free" basis
  • Explore the financing mechanisms available to invest in the next generation of waste infrastructure
  • Obtain an overview of what technologies are available to ensure EfW plant optimisation and life extensions of aging plants outside of the UK
  • Find out if collaboration is the way forward to ensure project completion
  • Review how to make EfW a catalyst for circular economy - The Circular Economy and waste hierarchy: Feedstock and the waste stream
  • Gain a comprehensive update on the how to make the most of Energy from Waste in today's European Energy Policy environment - BREF BAT guidance

Conference Chair's:

  • Chair Day One; Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director, Suez R & R UK
  • Chair Day Two; Alban Foster, Infrastructure Sector Leader - Europe, SLR Consulting

Featured Speakers:

  • Aaron Berry, Deputy Head, Low Carbon Fuels Division, Department for Transport
  • Jacob Hayler, Executive Director, Environmental Services Association
  • Christophe CORD'HOMME, Development Director Business and Products for Environment and Renewable Energies, CNIM
  • David Cullen, Programme Manager, North London Heat and Power
  • Robert Corijn, Marketing Manager, Attero
  • Michael Ware, Senior, Green Giraffe
  • Dr Isabela Boira-Segarra, Chief Executive Officer, Future Earth Energy
  • Bodo Rohs, Sales Director, Steinmuller Babcock Environment GmbH

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Copthorne Tara Hotel
Scarsdale Pl, Kensington, W8 5SY
London, UK

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