Energy Storage for Aerospace Conference

Hamburg, Germany

Energy Storage for Aerospace

A Realistic Roadmap (in Terms of Technology, Markets, Infrastructure and Finance) for the Next 5 Years!

Electrification From Fixed-wing Perspective - Electric Vertical Take-off & Landing (eVTOL) - Air Taxis, Urban Air Mobility (UAM), Drones and Rotorcraft.

Energy Storage for Aerospace merges expert talks on future technologies with real life case studies.

OEM'S will share how to achieve power density for energy storage solutions and present solutions for the fixed-wing industry, E-VTOL/Urban Air Mobility industry and thermal management technology providers.

Visit us and discuss the following topics among others:
  • Optimal design of electric systems for MEA
  • Power Electronics: High temperature PE
  • Commuter Aircraft and Helicopter
  • Move to More Electric Aircraft - results and upcoming projects
  • Hybrid-electric distributed propulsion system
  • Energy storage as the key to MEA design success


  • Prof. Dr. Josef Kallo, Coordinator electric flight, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  • Pascal Thalin, SAE Aerospace Standards Europe, SAE


  • Ph.D. Daniel Izquierdo-Gil, Senior Systems Engineer Military Aircraft, Airbus Defence and Space
  • Dr. Kamiar Karimi, Senior Technical Fellow and Chief Engineer, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, USA
  • Luiz Valentini, Engineering Manager, Embraer X
  • Dr. Linda Brussaard, Electrical Systems Expert, European Aviation Safety Agency
  • Norman Pereira, Aerospace Engineer, FAA
  • Fabrizio Cuomo, Systems Engineer, Leonardo Aircraft
  • Evgeni Ganev, Chief Engineer Electromechanical Power Systems, Honeywell International
  • Peter van Duijsen, Rsearcher, TU Delft
  • Dr. Andreas Wursig, Head of Group "Battery Systems for Special Applications", Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology ISIT
  • Stefan Permien, CTO, Custom Cells Itzehoe GmbH
  • Michael Deutmeyer, Managing Director, EAS Batteries GmbH
  • Martin Warner, CEO, Autonomous Flight
  • Dr. Matthias Bittner, COO, AutoFlightX
  • Benoit Ferran, CTO, Ascendance Flight Technologies
  • Cameron Spencer, CEO, FLUTR
  • Joel Sylvester, CTO, Dukosi
  • Tobias Mayer, CTO, LION Smart
  • Yash Tambi, Chief Engineer, Talaria
  • Nishant Patel, Flight Control, Talaria
  • Chris Overtveld, Business and PR, Talaria
  • Eric Darcy, Battery Technical Discipline, NASA


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Adenauerallee 52, 20097
Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49 40 298420


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