Future Learning Spaces Summit

Boston, MA, United States

Innovating Higher Education through the Built Environment

The way in which students are consuming information is evolving at the same rate as technology. In a study conducted by Barnes and Noble College looking at GenZ, 51% of surveyed students said they learn best by doing while only 12% said they learn through listening. Without facilities and spaces to accommodate these changes, college institutions will be stuck in the past and will not able to adapt in the competitive environment.

Institutions need to rethink holistically how to prepare students for the future and the best way to deliver that information. By reevaluating the benefits that different spaces deliver to students' learning, colleges can expand education beyond the traditional classroom format to foster an environment of continuous active learning.

The 6th Future Learning Spaces taking place in Boston, MA November 18-20, 2019 will gather teams of university leaders who have created spaces for students and faculty to thrive in. Find out how these universities have created agile, sustainable, and enriching environments for everyone involved on campus.

Core Themes for 2019

  • Transform the student experience through campus development
  • Designing and implementing active learning spaces
  • Multi-stakeholder management for effective program delivery
  • Creating physical spaces that are sustainable, inclusive and effective


  • Paul Marshall, Director for Facilities Planning, Tennessee Higher Education Commission
  • Kathy Monteiro, Director of Planning, Design & Construction, Bucknell University
  • Wiebke Kuhn, Associate Director of the Biggio Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, Auburn University
  • Richard Yeager, Director for Campus Planning, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Sia Kushna, Group Head, Project Development and Partnering, Plenary Group
  • Carol Pepper-Kittredge, Statewide Project Manager, CCC Maker
  • Patricia Lowe, Executive Director/University Title IX/ADA Coordinator of Office for Institutional Diversity, Boston College
  • Melissa Highton, Director of Digital Learning, Teaching & Web and Assistant Principal, University of Edinburgh
  • Edward Kairiss, Director of Faculty Development and Innovation, Bryant University
  • Dano Weisbord, Director of Sustainability and Campus Planning, Smith College
  • Musa Pam, Director of Operations, Logistics & Support, Brown University
  • Sarah Hutton, Head of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Services, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Rebecca Reznik-Zellen, Head of the Science and Engineering Library, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Deborah Bird, Technical Assistance Provider, CCC Maker
  • Daniel Case, Associate Director of Learning Technologies, Carroll College
  • Meredith Motz, Lab Manager, Sandbox ColLABorative at Southern New Hamphsire University
  • James Brand, Director, Space & Capital Planning, Northeastern University
  • Alison Tejeda, Director of Conferences and Events, Suffolk University
  • Andrew Weiss, Director of Office of Campus Master Planning, University Of Massachusetts Boston


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