Air Power Eastern Europe Conference

Salzburg, Austria


Eastern Europe's military leaders are continuing efforts to assure the adequate preparation of current and future air assets, designed to defend against the threat context of potential hybrid warfare and peer-engagement across a multi-domain environment. The ongoing modernisation efforts in the region demonstrate the response to the pacing threat, with the Polish procurement plan of USD 49.8 billion prioritising the acquisition of fifth-generation fighters, and the allocation of 20% of Czech Republic defence spending towards air force modernisation among the largest.

The nations of Eastern Europe are focused on the development of future warfare and logistics capabilities to ensure collective regional security through effective air dominance. This modernisation- paired with the continued commitment of NATO allies to continue the Air Policing mission- recognizes that the decisive deployment of air power is critical for offering deterrence and securing Europe's eastern flank.

Taking place at Salzburg Air Base in partnership with the Austrian Air Force, we invite you to join the 2019 Air Power Eastern Europe conference, a platform where you can share and promote your solution with the user community and help ensure that air power is leveraged as a critical enabler for the future joint forces of the region.

Attend Air Power Eastern Europe to:

  • Shape emerging regional requirements for fighter aircraft, helicopters, MRO and flight training, and support collaborative approaches to combat air procurement
  • Define a logistics and support model which can support rapid maneuverability for air and joint force operations
  • Integrate updated capability alongside a legacy aircraft fleet to support enhanced mission readiness and interoperability
  • Address the training shortfall to support pilot readiness for complex operations, and optimise the live training balance to take account of a multi-platform fleet

2019 Speaker Faculty

  • Colonel General Sergeii Drozdov, Commander, Ukrainian Air Force
  • Air Vice Marshal K H R Bethell, Director, Combat Air, DE&S
  • Major General Tsanko Stoykov, Commander, Bulgarian Air Force - Or Officer Representing
  • Major General Dariusz Malinowski, Commander, Air Operations Centre, Polish Operational Command
  • Brigadier General Ireneusz Nowak, Commander, 2nd Tactical Aviation Wing, Polish Air Force
  • Brigadier General Andrew "Popeye" Hansen, Commander, Operations Directorate, NATO Air Command
  • Brigadier General Dragan Nakic, Commander, Bosnian Air Force and Air Defences
  • Colonel Jeffrey Fischer, EA to Commander, NSHQ
  • Colonel Jan Susekar, Director, Future Development Office, Czech MoD
  • Colonel Mark Barlow, Senior Military Advisor, OSCE, US Armed Forces
  • Colonel Malin Persson, 7th Air Base Wing Commander, Swedish Air Force
  • Colonel Matthias Hansson, Commander, C2 & Electronic Warfare Center,, Swedish Armed Forces
  • Colonel Wojciech Pikula, Commander, 4th Air Training Wing, Polish Air Force Inspectorate
  • Lieutenant Colonel Viesturs Masulis, Chief of Staff, Latvian Air Force
  • Major Michael Rosenqvist, MFTS Project Manager, Swedish Air Force
  • Major Jacek Moskal, Vice Commander, 58th AF Squadron, Polish Air Force
  • Justin Bronk, Research Fellow, Military Sciences, Royal United Services Insitute
  • Oscar Bladh, Project Manager, Survivability & EW Gripen E, FMV
  • Confirmed Senior Representative, Tactical Branch, Combat Training Department, Czech Air Force

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Salzburg Barracks
Schwarzenbergkaserne 50761 ,
Wals-Siezenheim, Salzburg, Austria

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