Disruptive Technologies in Pharma 2020 Conference

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We present the launch of the inaugural Disruptive Technologies in Pharma conference taking place in London on 20th-21st January, 2020.

We are running this conference because....

McKinsey estimates that big data and machine learning could generate up to $100bn in pharma and medicine annually. There has never been a more pressing need for pharma to transition to digital as existing technologies are being disrupted by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things and Blockchain, while newer categories such as Prescription Digital Therapeutics begin to offer truly disruptive benefits.

As new technologies are being incorporated into pharma it is crucial, we reflect on trends in cutting-edge innovation and explore new tech-enabled opportunities to cut costs and save time.

Partnerships are at the heart of digital transformation. Innovative approaches to partnerships are leading the way towards more effective data collection, faster R&D, seamless clinical trials and above all, more patient-centric medicine.

Benefits of Attending

Our conference will explore how digital is impacting - and disrupting - pharma, from the perspective of both the digital customer/consumer and the digitalisation of the product.

It's important we look for potential solutions to solve real patient challenges, not starting with the technology and trying to find a use for it.
  • Harvesting ecosystem innovation through AI, ML, VR, IoT and blockchain
  • Commercialisation of digital health in pharma
  • Adoption of medical devices and exploration of digital therapeutics
  • Assessing agile methodologies for a strategic digital transformation
  • Boosting collaboration for enhanced service design and delivery

Who should attend

Vice President/Director/Manager/Head of:
  • Emerging/Disruptive Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science/Analytics
  • Technology
  • External and Internal Innovation
  • Digital
  • IoT
  • Bioinformatics


  • Bhushan Bonde, Head of IT - Early Solution Innovation Development, UCB
  • Bram Van Leeuwen, Lead Digital Innovation, Sanofi BeNeLux
  • Dr Joseph Dalton, Global Lead Digital Health Solutions Medical Outcomes, Novartis
  • Dr Nicholas Kelley, Data Science and AI Technical Advisor, Novartis
  • Dr Vladimir Anisimov, Principal Data Scientist, Amgen
  • Ian Wallace, Device Manager, Novartis Austria
  • Jessica Shull, European Lead, Digital Therapeutics Alliance
  • Joshua Mesout, Senior Innovation Technologist, AstraZeneca
  • Karl Hess, Managing Director, OnDigitalHealth Consulting
  • Mark Campbell, Freelance Expert, formerly of NICE
  • Natalia Monteiro, Clinical Trial Budget & Metrics Management, Takeda
  • Peter Rutherford, Global Medical Lead, Vifor Pharma
  • Professor Brian D. Smith, Principal Advisor, Pragmedic Limited
  • Ronan Kelly, Innovation Senior Manager, Pfizer
  • Shikta Das, Senior Data Scientist, Roche Products Limited
  • Umair Aslam, e-health Lead, MSD Norway
  • Viktoria Wegscheider, Business Development, Innerspace GmbH

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Holiday Inn Kensington Forum
97 Cromwell Rd, Kensington, SW7 4DN
London, UK