Airborne C2ISR conference

The Global Airborne Intelligence and C2 Community's Annual General Meeting

London, United Kingdom

Optimizing the OODA Loop

An ISR Enterprise for the Full Spectrum of Conflict

Now in its seventh year, the international Airborne C2ISR conference has built a strong reputation among leaders from the Air and Intelligence communities who recognize the need to strengthen partnerships, share strategic objectives and build trust and understanding in an effort to enhance global intelligence and command and control infrastructures across the air, space and cyber domains.

Building on the success of our 2019 event, which brought together over 200 delegates to discuss the concepts of global reach and deterrence, next year's conference will be themed around decision advantage for the full spectrum of conflict, with emphasis on the changing nature of the 'OODA Loop' in a time of emerging disruptive technologies and the adoption of multi-domain concepts of operation. This theme has the potential to address some significant gaps in understanding between government and industry and across global alliances about the future of C2ISR as we plan for the full spectrum of operational environments and high-end, peer conflict.

The 2020 Programme In Brief

  • A2AD - Airborne ISR & Early Warning Capabilities in High End, Peer Conflict
  • Requirements Design - Defining the Right Capability Mix for the Full Spectrum of Conflict Environments
  • The Next Generation Air Force - Addressing Skills Fade and Enhancing Decision-Making for Multi-Domain Operations
  • Manned to Unmanned - ISR assets in permissive and non-persmissive environments
  • Multi-Domain C2 - Integrating space and cyber into Air Force operational constructs
  • Machine Intelligence & the Future of the OODA Loop

Last Year's Speakers Included:

  • Mr Matt Roper, Chief, Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, NATO Communications and Information Agency
  • Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis, Chairman, UK Defence Select Committee
  • Air Commodore Jeff Portlock (Ret), Former Chief of Staff, Air Command, 3SDL Head of ISR & Space
  • Air Vice Marshal Paulo Ricardo Laux, Chief Portfolio Officer, Brazilian Air Force
  • Major General Andreas Kraak, Commander, NATO Deployable Air Command & Control Centre
  • Air Commodore Tim Neal-Hopes, Head Joint User C4ISR & Cyber, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Air Commodore Andrew Martin, Deputy Commander, NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force
  • Colonel Kensuke Fujihata, Weapon System Program Division, Defense Planning & Policy Department, Japan Air Self Defense Force

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