Hypersonic Weapons Summit

Washington, DC, United States

Enabling Hypersonic Overmatch for US Multi-Domain Superiority

The age of Hypersonic Weapons is upon us. In light of the rapidly growing capabilities of this game changing munitions technology which enable and allow for global strike capabilities much faster than conventional means, our Hypersonic Weapons events series has been established to comprehensively analyze and enable the realization of next generation capability. Building on the success of our inaugural  Summit, the 2nd Annual Hypersonic Weapons Summit will provide a continuation and more thorough review of ongoing hypersonic capability development in order to capitalize on Military advancements.

A hypersonic weapon fired from Washington D.C could reach Micronesia in just thirty minutes, which emphasizes the need to rapidly secure this capability as fast as possible. We are seeing swift developments across multiple hypersonic technologies that endanger current levels of battlefield overmatch for US multi-domain superiority. Of these challenges, the ones we cannot see, detect, or track provide the greatest level of threat, and that is why the development of hypersonic weapons is imperative.

As this capability and community continues to evolve from R&D, to the Labs and to the Battlefield, it will require constant discussion and ongoing reviews to assure development of hypersonic weaponry continues at the speed of sound! Join our Hypersonic Weapons International Summit for the unique opportunity to not only learn from those leading the technology revolution, but also to stake your own place in this rapidly evolving community.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Efforts to Rapidly Field Hypersonics across the Total Force
  • Service Roadmaps and Hypersonic Strategy
  • Guiding S&T Efforts to Meet Extreme Hypersonic Engineering Challenges
  • Advancing Partnership Development to Ease Unity of Efforts
  • Testing Opportunities and Cross-Service Initiatives to Bolster Integration

Hypersonic Capabilities at the Speed of Sound

  • Understand the Navy's Approach for Prompt Global Strike Hypersonic Capabilities
  • Learn About the Global Ramifications of Securing Hypersonic Technology
  • Ascertain USD Acquisition and Sustainment's Hypersonic Priorities
  • Receive Guidance from USD R&E's Hypersonic Lead
  • Laser in on the Army's FY2023 Hypersonic Fielding Roadmap

2020 Executive Staff

  • Jonathan Sanders, Deputy Divisional Director, Institute for Defense & Government Advancement

2020 Speakers

  • The Honorable Ellen M. Lord, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • General Timothy Ray, Commander, Air Force Global Strike Command, Secretary of the Air Force
  • Vice Admiral Johnny Wolfe, Director, Strategic Systems Program, Research, Development & Acquisition, US Navy
  • Mike E. White, Assistant Director, Hypersonics, Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
  • Robert K. Strider, Deputy Director, Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office, Secretary of the Army
  • Keith Englander, SES, Director of Engineering, Missile Defense Agency
  • Dr. Knox Millsaps, SES, Director, Division of Aerospace Science, Air Warfare and Weapons, Office of Naval Research
  • Brigadier General Steve Butow, Space Portfolio Director, Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)
  • Colonel Joe Bookard, Director, Rapid Equipping Force, Secretary of the Army
  • Dr. Yvette Weber, Associate Deputy Assistant Director, Science, Technology & Engineering, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition and Logistics
  • Dr. Russ Cummings, Managing Director, DoD HPCMP Hypersonic Vehicle Simulation Institute, United States Air Force Academy
  • Dr. Gretchen Phelps, Program Manager, Consolidated Options for Nuclear Deterrence Operations Research (CONDOR) Program, United States Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Dr. Alex Roessler, Deputy Director, Integrated Military Systems, & Coalition Leader, Autonomy New Mexico, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Dr. Ivett Leyva, Program Officer, Engineering and Complex Systems, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Dr. Joe Bonivel, Jr., Subject Matter Expert, Defense Technical Information Center
  • Dr. Philip Ligrani, Eminent Scholar in Propulsion, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Alabama at Huntsville
  • Dr. Peter Huessy, Director for Strategic Deterrent Studies, Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies
  • Dr. Rodney Bowersox, Founder and Director, Texas A&M University National Aerothermochemistry and Hypersonics Laboratory
  • Tom Karako, Senior Fellow, International Security Program and Director, Missile Defense Project, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
Pre-Conference Focus Day: March 31, 2020
Main Conference: April 1-2, 2020

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