Digital Customer Experience Forum: BFSI Market

Achieving Customer Centric Digital Transformation: Shifting To Personalized CX & To More Educated Customers

Berlin, Germany

Digital Customer Experience Forum: BFSI Market The new age experience has shown that every interaction that a customer has with a company, be it online or offline, changes their impression of the brand. For this reason, there has never been a more important time for the banking, financial service and insurance companies (BFSI) to ensure a great customer experience through each touchpoint of creating awareness, driving conversions, and keeping existing customers happy.

At the heart of the digital transformation, there are two major trends: lowering cost of financial services due to the increasing competition from emerging digital banks and the emergence of a mobile mind shift, with financial institutions finally focused on putting customers at the core of their strategies and creating a consistent experience.

In this new age, it's all about the customer. This is evidence through the way millennials and other digitally minded consumers are forcing financial institutions to rethink the way they do business. Consumers They want banking to be easy, fast, delightful, personalized and accessible wherever they are and whenever they need it.

When you build a culture that puts the customer first, leverage new innovations like Application Programming Interface (API), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to drive priceless customer journeys, dig deeper into customer data to discover what's working and what isn't -that's when you become the brand they can't live without.

The Digital Customer Experience Forum is created for banks, financial service and insurance industry (BFSI) executives who want to learn about the innovative technology for engaging and growing their customer base. It aims to align the organisation's customer experience with Global Best Practice. The event is a hubspot for customer experience professionals and customer experience solution providers alike who are looking to make a tremendous improvement in the sector.

The attendees will focus on every aspect of digital customer experience strategy, Identity Management and Governance (IMG), Customer Communications Management (CCM), Intelligent Document Process Automation (IDPA), Know your Customer (KYC), Application Programming Interface (API) and technology selection that will not only ensure customer's expectations are exceeded in the digital era, but also improve internal processes and drive revenue.

Do not miss the chance to join us in Berlin at Digital Customer Experience Forum that provides you an outstanding opportunity to learn from the leading financial institutions sharing their winning strategies in Financial Services, Banking and Insurance.

This 2-day event has been designed to provide the value in the content for sustaining or rebooting programmes and to drive the customer-centric strategic change within your organisation using the latest advancements in data, insight, design-thinking and analytics.

The attendees will be engaged in the interaction about leveraging from multi-channel to omni-channel customer service, gaining more functionality across the digital channels, better customer service experiences via relationships, importance and pragmatism of more educated and empowered customers.

Digital Customer Experience Forum: BFSI Market is the ideal platform for networking and interaction and engaging with the latest trends in digital customer experience (CX) in BFSI.

Key Learning Benefits

  • Leveraging from Multi-Channel to Omni-Channel Customer Service
  • Gaining More Functionality Across the Digital Channels
  • Discovering Enhanced Self-Service Options
  • Explaining Better Customer Service Experiences via Relationships
  • Realizing The Importance and Pragmatism of More Educated and Empowered Customers
  • Facilitating a Highly Personalized Experience


  • ANDREW MILLAR, Programme Manager, Flower
  • ANKUR DALAL, Principal Architect - Customer Experience, Flower
  • MIRJA LENIKKA, Customer Experience Lead, Flower
  • JORGE VARLE, eCommerce & Digital Marketing Management, Flower
  • TOMAS REYTT, Director of Digital Channels, Flower
  • LAURA MULLANEY, Associate Director Digital Propositions, Flower
  • ANDRIUS KARIETA, Customer Retention Manager, Flower

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Event details
Organizer : BIS
Event type : Conference
Reference : ASDE-21889