Space Operations 2020 Summit

London, United Kingdom

An authoritative joint defence space forum designed for NATO and its partners to build mutual understanding and awareness of the evolving space landscape, benchmark their space strategies and doctrine, and outline their plans for future capabilities for operations from and for space.

The Space Operations Summit 2020 returns for its second year at a time when NATO's space policy has been announced, and when international leaders plan to reclassify the space sector as an active operational domain. This forum will provide a platform for military representatives, academics and industry to understand the emerging threats and challenges from peer nations, and offer NATO and allied countries the opportunity to share and benchmark their national space strategies.

With an international scope, the conference will bring together commercial entities from global aerospace leaders and SME's, in addition to senior military representatives and  academics, all with the aim to develop a share vision for the enhancement of security, resilience and deterrence for current and future space operations.

Forum Objectives

  • Enable NATO and its partners to benchmark their defence space policies to develop coherent approaches to emerging operational threats
  • Develop clearer understanding and articulation of joint doctrine to plan, execute, and assess joint space operations
  • Encourage closer collaboration between government and both traditional and non-traditional defence contractors
  • Stimulate dialogue about the evolving space landscape, emerging threats to space assets and the growth in opportunities for the military to leverage the commercial space revolution

2020 Speaker Faculty

  • Monica Y. Manning, Deputy Chief Acquisition Officer, NASA
  • Major General Nicola Lanza de Cristofori, Commander, Joint Operations Headquarters
  • Brigadier General Friedrich Teichmann, Head of Geo-spatial Unit, Austrian Armed Forces
  • Brigadier General Adrian Brinza, Head of Radioelectronic Brigade, Romanian Navy
  • General Philippe Steininger (Ret), Military Advisor to the President, National Centre for Space Studies (CNES)
  • Colonel Kyle Pomrey, Deputy Director, Combined Space Operations Center
  • Lieutenant Colonel Stephanie McKeen, Deputy Director of Space Forces, USAFE/AFRICOM
  • Dr Xavier Pasco, Director, FRS
  • Dr Carine Claeys, Director of Space Policy, EEAS
  • Dr Bleddyn Bowen, Lecturer in International Relations, University of Leicester
  • Dr Mark Hilborne, Professor, King's College London
  • Dr Jana Robinson, Space Security Program Director, PSSI
  • Alexandra Stickings, Research Fellow, Space Policy and Security, RUSI
  • Dr Nicholas Wright, Senior Fellow, University of Birmingham
  • Confirmed Representative, 21st Air Wing, US Air Force
  • Confirmed Representative, Space Section, NATO
Focus Day: 28 April
Main Conference: 29-30 April

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