Military PNT Conference

London, United Kingdom

We are proud to announce that the inaugural Military PNT conference will convene in London from the 18th - 19th May 2020 to provide an in depth view of satellite navigation technology.

With projections estimating that a 30-day GPS outage could cost US industry $45bn, the need for robust, resilient and secure PNT is a mission imperative for commanders across the Air Force, Army and Navy.

This takes added importance at a time when the Galileo constellation is starting to reach full operating capability, as GPS Block III satellites are set to be launched to keep the constellation functioning, and the UK is exploring Galileo alternatives in the wake of its leaving the European Union. There is a clear and pressing need for national militaries, industry partners and allied nations to come together and discuss how the Global Navigation Satellite Systems will be developed and employed.

With an anticipated 120+ attendees, 6 hours of networking and an extensive exhibition space, this year's conference will be an important forum to engage key players in this essential domain.

Benefits of Attending

  • Understand how PNT constellations are developing procurement priorities and requirements for the next generation of global navigation systems
  • Hear key updates from commercial solution providers building cutting edge technologies with international partners
  • Listen to the needs of the warfighter and how they operate in denied and degraded environments
  • Meet and network with innovative companies and government stakeholders to discuss disruptive future approaches to space

Expert Speakers Inclide:

  • Colonel Nickolas Kioutas, Project Manager, PEO IEW&S & PM PNT, Us Army*
  • Lieutenant Colonel Tim Vasen, Space SME, C4ISR & Space Branch, Joint Airpower Competence Centre (JAPCC)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Marco de Luca Saggese, SATCOM & Navigation Section Leader, italian MoD*
  • Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Toth, Commander, 2nd Space Operations Squadron, Us Air Force
  • Squadron Leader Mark Lynch, Beyond Line Of Sight Desk Offi cer & SO2 SATCOM and PNT, UK Strategic Command, UK MoD
  • Professor Bryn James, Senior Fellow - Physical Sciences Group, Dstl*
  • Dr Pierluigi Mancini, NAVISP Programme Manager, Directorate of Navigation, european space Agency
  • Dr John Burke, Program Manager, Microsystems Technology Offi ce MTO, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)*
  • Mr Jean-Pierre Diris, Head of Department, Navigation and Telecommunication, national Centre for space studies (Cnes)
  • Mr Arlen Biersgreen, Program Manager, Navigation Technology Satellite 3 (NTS-3), AFRL, Us Air Force
  • Ms Marina Ballanger, Technical Authority PNT, DGA*
  • Dr ingo Baumann, Attorney at Law & Partner, BhO Legal
  • Dr Robert Weber, Head of Satellite Geodesy Research Group & AUSPRO Lead, tU-vienna & FFG
  • Dr Ivan Petrunin, Lecturer in Digital Signal Processing for Autonomous Systems, Cranfi eld University
  • Dr Sarang Thombre, Research Manager & Research Group Leader, Navigation and Positioning, Finnish Geospatial Research institute FGi
  • Mr Alexander Rugamer, Group Manager Specialized GNSS Receivers,Fraunhofer institute for integrated Circuits iis
  • Mr Rasmus Flytkjaer, Associate Director, Space, London economics

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Holiday Inn Kensington Forum
97 Cromwell Rd, Kensington, SW7 4DN
London, UK