Rescheduled / Postponed event: Energy Storage Conference 2021

January 20-21, 2021- Berlin, Germany

Our 11th Energy Storage Conference will be taking place in Europe, in January/February 2021. The two day event will bring together the senior representatives of the different stakeholders involved in the energy storage sector from utility providers, power generators, technology developers, energy storage service providers and policy regulators.

You are kindly invited to the first European Energy Storage Conference of the year to discover the key topics and updates from the latest developments in essential areas of the energy storage market.

Key Topics:

  • Overview on the Energy Storage Market
  • Policy and Regulation Framework
  • Case Studies of Energy Storage
  • Outlook on the Costs, Finance Solutions and Investment Options
  • Evaluating the Technical Development of Battery Systems
  • Discussing the Potential of Small Scale Energy Storage and the Implications for Grid-Scale
  • Evaluating the Actual Outlook on Renewable Energy
  • The Role of Electric Vehicles in the Energy Storage Industry
  • Activities in the Area of Smart Grids

Who Will Attend?

  • Senior representatives from national utility companies
  • Technology developers
  • Energy storage service providers
  • Policy regulators and industry analysts
  • Energy investors
  • Research organisations
  • Consultants in energy storage
  • Power generators
  • Distribution network
  • Service operator companies

Previous Speakers Included

  • Marian Smik, CEO, A.EN/INVENT AG
  • Rick Parfett, Policy Manager, Association For Decentralised Energy
  • Mihcaela Leonhardt, Project Manager, Energy Research & Innovation, APG Austrian Power Grid
  • Raquel Garde, Responsible Energy Storage Area, National Renewable Energy Centre – CENER
  • Hans Eric Melin, Managing Director, Circular Energy Storage
  • Lara Juergens, Senior Energy Analyst, EIC (Energy Industries Council)
  • Shane Slater, Director Energy Systems, Element Energy
  • Jose Paulo, President of the Board, EnergyIN

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Event details
Organizer : ACI
Event type : Conference
Reference : ASDE-22320