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The US Future Vertical Program has established a bold vision for the future helicopter force. It outlines a requirement for platforms that are more agile, better-protected, more lethal and better networked. They must be able to integrate unmanned systems, connect with the joint force and field air-launched effects at range to minimise requirements for mass and offset A2/AD. With such a pressing range of requirements, the FVL webinar offers an opportunity to bring together core partners from across NATO, establishing a clear design blueprint to inform international programmes and platform re-capitalisation efforts alike.

With FVL programme updates from PEO Aviation, US Army and the office of Director, Army Aviation, US Army, plus international perspectives from the UK, Netherlands and Germany, the FVL Webinar will include three interactive discussions on three important themes: the Future Threat Environment, Manned-Unmanned Teaming and Bridging the Capability Gap. The half-day session is designed to support defence/industry partnerships on next-generation platforms, whilst also ensuring that current fleets are equipped to fight and win for as long as they are required to do so.

Main Themes Include:

  • Retain a critical touchpoint with the helicopter community in the absence of physical gatherings and hear key programme updates on FVL and its counterparts across NATO
  • Deliver lethality and connectivity for future platforms by integrating decisive air-launched effects and design open architectures that can integrate sensors across the joint network
  • Maximise situational awareness, increase range and reduce risk for next-generation vertical lift by setting a roadmap for manned-unmanned teaming
  • Embed innovation within the helicopter supply chain by overcoming existing obstacles to agile acquisition and taking advantage of a DevOps approach
  • Prevent a capability shortfall by ensuring that legacy fleets sustain readiness and relevance ahead of new platforms coming online

Speakers and Panelists Include:

  • Major General Andreas Hannemann, Commander Rapid Forces Division, Bundeswehr
  • Brigadier General Walter Rugen, Director, Future Vertical Lift CFT, US Army Futures Command
  • Brigadier General Michael C. McCurry, Director, Army Aviation, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7, US Army
  • Brigadier General Rob Barrie, Program Executive Officer, Aviation, US Army
  • Brigadier Steve Hussey, Head of Capability Air Manoeuvre, British Army
  • Air Commodore Robert Adang, Commander Defence Helicopter Command, Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Colonel Andreas Pfeiffer, Deputy Commander, Rapid Forces Division, Bundeswehr
  • Brigadier General David Sanford, Commander, DLA Aviation, Defense Logistics Agency
  • Colonel Scott Anderson, UAS Project Manager, PEO Aviation, US Army
  • Colonel David Phillips, Program Manager, Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft, PEO Aviation, US Army
  • Colonel Jorge Van Hemelryck, Chief of the Strategy Office, Aeronautical Maintenance Directorate, French Ministry of the Armed Forces
  • Pat Collins, Senior Fellow, Helicopters Operating Centre, DE&S, UK MoD
  • Michael Schäfer, Programme Manager, A400M and NH90/TIGER Programme Office, NATO Support and Procurement Agency

Industry Partner Speakers

  • Keith Flail, Senior Executive Vice President for Future Vertical Lift, Bell
  • Mike Moody, Manager, Integrated Product Support - Future Vertical Lift, Bell
Start Time: 12:45 (GMT) / 07:45 (EST)

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