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Understand. Adapt. Overcome

Understand. Adapt. Overcome. Rarely has a conference strap-line resonated as much.
After consultation with the Royal Marines the decision has been taken to postpone the London Future Amphibious Forces conference until 18-20 May 2021 and host a day of online panel discussion on 1 December.

Chaired by Lt. Gen. Sir David Capewell these panels will focus on three challenges of current importance to the Royal Marines and Amphibious Forces more generally;
  • Connectors and countering the A2AD/CIADS challenge;
  • Challenges of C2 in a contested amphibious environment, and finally,
  • The complexities of Maritime special operations.
The UK is currently undergoing the Integrated Defence Review and the Chief of the Defence Staff, Gen. Sir Nick Carter, recently launched the 'Integrated Operating Concept', stating:

"some industrial age capabilities will increasingly have to meet their sunset to create the space for capabilities needed for sunrise. The trick is how you find a path through the night."- Gen. Sir Nick Carter.

Agile forces such as the Marines will be at the vanguard, trailblazing this path through the night. Indeed, The Royal Marines formed the experimental 'Vanguard Strike Company' in July 2020. This online forum comes at a pre-decisional time for other developments.

This forum aims to contribute to this important work and help the Royal Marines, and indeed the other marine forces participating, attain advantage in an ever more complex and competitive operating environment. It will also be an opportunity for industry to be kept informed of the latest thinking as it evolves to ensure the defence industrial base is ready to provide the solutions required.

Why Attend?

  • Understand doctrinal change and the role of Marines as critical enablers of the Joint Force.
  • Meet with the senior leadership of the Royal Marines, as well as other friendly NATO forces at a time of modernization
  • Gain a deep insight into the priority technology, innovation and capability areas for development
  • Help Amphibious forces mitigate emerging threats including from Long-range Precision Weapons and information related capabilities

Conference Chairman

  • Lieutenant General Sir David Capewell (Ret), Former Chief of Joint Operations, British Armed Forces

Confirmed Online Panelists - 1 December

  • Major General Kevin Iiams, Deputy Commanding General MCCDC & Assistant Deputy Commandant CD&I, United States Marine Corps
  • Brigadier Rich Cantrill, Commander 3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines
  • Colonel Mark Totten, Programme Director, Future Commando Force, Royal Marines
  • Captain Luis Felippe Valentini da Silva, Brazilian Marine Officer, Brazilian Navy
  • Lieutenant Colonel Joakim Kindahl, Deputy, Commander First Marine Regiment, Royal Swedish Navy
  • Scott Kinner, Concept and Doctrine Developer, Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group, U.S. Marine Air-Ground Task Force
  • JD Williams, Senior International and Defense Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation
  • Gene Germanovich, Senior Defense Analyst, RAND Corporation
  • Senior Officer, The Netherlands Marine Corps, Royal Netherlands Navy
Start Time: 1330(GMT)/0830(EST)

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