Military Space Situational Awareness 2021 Virtual Conference

Overcoming Key Situational Awareness Challenges in a Contested, Congested and Competitive Space

- April 28-29, 2021- Online

We are proud to announce that the 16th annual Military Space Situational Awareness Conference will take place virtually on the 28th and 29th April 2021.

As the leading conference in Europe dedicated to space domain awareness, this year's forum will once again bring together key stakeholders across the military, government and industry sectors to discuss how we build a collaborative approach to space management and Space Situational Awareness (SSA) as well as how we balance operational necessity with responsible use of space.

Similarly, as new LEO mega-constellations come online at an increasing rate, avoiding a repeat of the 2009 Iridium crash remains at the forefront of all industry professionals’ minds as we attempt to ensure that necessary and responsible space exploration and development can continue for years to come.

Key focuses include space domain awareness, space surveillance and tracking (SST), the new US Space Force's approach to SSA, the impact of new mega-constellations, and international partnerships in space.

Featuring 200+ attendees, this year's conference will provide an unparalleled chance to meet with the key players in this important domain and remains a key calendar date for anyone involved in the satellite sector.

Benefits of Attending

  • Hear from senior military and civil officials on the latest solutions being implemented to enhance the security of space assets through domain awareness
  • Key briefings from the USSF, RAF, UKSA and leading international SSA programmes
  • Examine key issues impacting space security including debris, weather and hostile threats
  • With the era of mega-constellations in LEO approaching, debate how best government and industry can manage further space congestion through policy implementation and best practices to ensure future sustainable space use

Our Virtual Conference Platform will deliver the following benefits:

  • Live and On Demand speaker content: Get access to the latest strategies and case studies from your market place online!
  • Network with all the event attendees: Connect, see who’s attending, chat and share contact details with all online delegates, speakers and sponsors
  • Exhibit a Virtual Booth: You can pack your customized booth full of documents, videos and even show who is manning the booth during the event and hosting meetings
  • Host & Join Meetings & Socials: Join preferred speaking sessions, host you own meetings and even a virtual Networking social, with in built Zoom functionality


  • Squadron Leader (Ret’d) Ralph Dinsley, Director, Northern Space & Security Ltd


  • Lieutenant Colonel Megan Standifer, Chief, Space Superiority Branch, United States Space Force
  • Squadron Leader Josh Fitzmaurice, Staff Officer, Surveillance of Space, Royal Australian Air Force
  • Captain Wilco van den Bogaard, OT Space, Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, Director, European Union Satellite Centre
  • Dr Pascal Faucher, Chairman, EU SST Consortium
  • Dr James Frith, XGEO Tech Area Lead, Space Vehicles Directorate, US AFRL
  • Dr Brendan Mulvaney, Director, China Aerospace Studies Institute, US Air Force China Aerospace Studies Institute
  • Mr Robert Rutledge, Lead, Space Weather Forecast Office, US National Weather Service
  • Dr Jan Siminski, Space Debris Engineer, Space Debris Office, European Space Agency
  • Dr Jaime Stearns, Space Control Mission Lead, US AFRL
  • Ms Emily Mills, Domestic Space Surveillance & Tracking Lead, UK Space Agency
  • Mr Marc Becker, Chairman, EU SST Security Committee
  • Mr Cameron Stoltz, Director Space Requirements, Canadian Armed Forces
  • Confirmed Senior Representative, Space Capability Development, HQ Air Command, Royal Air Force
  • Dr Doug Hendrix, CEO, ExoAnalytic Solutions
  • Mr Tom Kubancik, Consultant, Blue Canyon Technologies Senior Representative, L3 Harris

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Organizer :SMi
Event type :Conference
Attendance :Online Event
Reference :ASDE-22652

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