Military PNT 2021 Virtual Conference

- May 17-18, 2021- Online

We are proud to announce that the second Military PNT conference will convene virtually on 17th - 18th May 2021 to provide an in-depth view of military PNT technology and assess the future of PNT for the Warfighter. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this event will be held on our bespoke online conference platform.

GPS satellite navigation is currently essential to almost all military operations. From precision targeting for missiles to situational awareness and navigation for dismounted infantry, the loss of GPS is a catastrophic scenario in modern military operations. As both near-peer and asymmetric adversaries strengthen their EW and offensive cyber capabilities, this scenario is becoming less a possibility and more a certainty in future conflict.

To preserve effective PNT, it is critical that military and industry work together to provide new solutions and technology. The urgency is reflected by vastly increased investment in PNT technology across the world; by 2024, the PNT industry is expected to grow to $23 billion. There is a clear and pressing need for military decision-makers, industry partners and thought leaders to come together and discuss the future of military PNT.

Benefits of Attending

Military PNT 2021 is the perfect occasion to hear from the most informed and renowned experts in the field of PNT. Join the two-day virtual conference and benefit from insights delivered by first-class scientists, researchers, academics and senior military figures.
  • Military briefings from the US DoD comprehensively covering present and future of US PNT
  • Hear about a diverse array of topics including PNT resilience, multi-sensor integration and Warfighter navigation requirements
  • Understand how the UK's Positioning, Navigation and Timings landscape will look in a post-Galileo environment
  • Engage with senior military and industry leaders to understand the Warfighter's needs for operating in degraded and denied environments with resilient PNT and explore capabilities showcased within a dedicated exhibition hall.

Our Virtual Conference Platform will deliver the following benefits:

  • Live and On-Demand speaker content: Get online access to the latest strategies and case studies from your market!
  • Network with all event attendees: Connect, see who's attending, chat and share contact details with all online delegates, speakers and sponsors
  • Exhibit a Virtual Booth: Pack your customized booth full of documents and videos, and even show who is manning the booth during the event and who is hosting meetings
  • Host & Join Meetings & Socials: Join preferred speaking sessions, host your own meetings and even host virtual networking socials with inbuilt Zoom functionality


  • Dr Stuart Eves, Director, SJE Space

Host Nation Speakers:

  • Dr Leon Lobo, Head National Timing Centre, National Physical Laboratory
  • Mr Simon Machin, Space Weather Programme Manager, Met Office
  • Senior Representative, Space-Based PNT Programme, UK Space Agency

United States

  • Brigadier General Steve Butow, Director Space Portfolio, Defense Innovation Unit, US DoD
  • Mr Willie Nelson (SES), Director, APNT Cross-Functional Team, US Army
  • Mr Del Champ, Resilient PNT Cross-Functional Team Lead, US Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Kai Thompson, Resilient PNT Cross Functional Team Deputy Lead, US Space Force
  • Captain Mike Telcide, Chief Partnership PNT Programme Manager, SMC, US Space Force
  • Dr Adam Schofield, Senior Scientific Technical Manager for PNT, C5ISR Center, US Army

Allied Partners

  • Lieutenant Colonel Conrado Avila, PNT Systems Space and Cyber Systems Branch, Spanish MoD
  • Commander Giancarlo Melicchio, GNSS Section Head, Italian Defence General Staff
  • Commandant Marina Ballanger, Head of Navigation, Technical Division, DGA
  • Ms Hélène Gautier, Head of Navigation Section, CNES
  • Mr Alexander Rugamer, Group Manager Specialized GNSS Receivers, Fraunhofer Institute

Keynote Speakers

  • Commander Jason Strutt, SO1 Space, STRATCOM, UK MoD
  • Mr Luke Brown, Assistant Secretary Space Services, Training Areas and Simulation, Joint Capabilities Group, Australian Department of Defense
  • Colonel Ryan Colburn, Director Spectrum Warfare Division, SMC, US Space Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael Schriever, Commander, 2d Space Operations Squadron, US Space Force
  • Dr Satoshi Kogure, Executive Director for QZSS Development, National Space Policy Secretariat, Cabinet Office, Japan

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