Joint C2 Summit

Ensuring Decisions Superiority in an All Domain Environment

May 25-26, 2022- Alexandria, VA, United States

New Dates: May 25-26, 2022

Our Joint C2 Summit is a 'Town-Hall' style discussion that will bring together members of the DoD, Military Services, Allied Nations, Industry, & Academia to focus on evolving current command and control systems for joint multi / all domain operations with a focus on the people, processes, authorities and technologies needed to field a meaningful and robust  unified network supporting the future of C2 in a data-dependent and data-saturated world.

Current Health and Safety Protocols

Topics to be covered at the 2022 Summit:

  • Priorities for evolving network transport, data management and hosting and ensuring spectrum access so that data arrives in the right place, at the right time, in the right format
  • Building standards-based security architectures on Zero-Trust principles
  • Deciding how and where to utilize AI /ML capabilities: at what level do you integrate to aide decision making
  • Developing more robust, unified joint processes and standards for how the services build new capabilities that are inherently meshed. How might the JROC best support?
  • Increasing integration and current priorities for the IC and NATO towards more robust and interoperable C2 capabilities
  • Organizing and designing a Unified Resilient Network, advancing ABMS capabilities and current activities with improving C2 in Distributed Maritime Operations that aligns with the people, process, and organizational frameworks of contested C2 in MDO
  • JADC2 evolving strategy, priorities and timelines: developing a fundamental platform, identity control access management, zero-trust cybersecurity and data transport capabilities.
  • Determining the correct C2 relationships for space operations
  • Training the Command and Control Warfighting Function of the Future: Mastering the Art and Science of C2 in the Digital Age

Why You Should Attend This Summit:

As the character of warfare changes, so too must the art and capabilities of C2. Victory will belong to the side with decision superiority where commanders sense, make sense, understand, decide, act, and assess faster and more effectively than their adversaries.

But to reach decision dominance, what are the key factors the Services, Allied and Mission Partners need to consider as we evolve our C2 structure and methodology? How do we build a bridge from the current C2 system to C/JADC2? What does the chain of command and authorities to act appropriately look like in a convergence of C2, dispersed at varying echelons across domains and pushed to the tactical edge? How do we train our Warfighters, Operators and Partners to operate and interpret the data and information and then execute on that information in a degraded and contested environment? What does the architecture, and specifically, the underlying unified network need to look like to assure connectivity in degraded and contested environments that can exchange data at the speed of relevance, in a way that is resilient, secure and aligned with a Zero Trust Architecture?

To truly be joint, the seams between non-DoD agencies and international partners must be addressed throughout the process and not ad-hoc. As DOD enters into the first phase of delivery of JADC2, how are the initial challenges of implementing new capabilities such as identity control access management, artificial intelligence, diagnostics and treatment to heal broken C2 networks in real time, zero-trust cybersecurity, open source and data transport capabilities being addressed? How can DoD take advantage of technologies such as 5G, mesh networking, edge connectivity, software-defined networking, and AI-enabled on-the-fly network configuration.

What processes, authorities and governance of the acquisition process need to evolve in order to match the speed and agility of commercial technical capabilities that can be fielded in the near term to support a more joint C2 ecosystem?

In summary, evolving the training, governance, authorities and leveraging emerging technologies will be key to DoD's fully networked modernization approach that allows Joint All-Domain Operations for a more lethal Joint Force.

Exhibit and Sponsorship Information:

The Joint C2 Summit provides opportunities including exhibit space, Tech Talks and speaking roles and product demonstrations.

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2022 Early Confirmed Speakers

  • Summit Moderator: Lt Gen (ret) Bradford “B.J.” Shwedo, USAF, Former Director, C4/Cyber and CIO, Joint Staff, Current Director, Institute for Future Conflict, United States Air Force Academy
  • General David Allvin, USAF, Vice Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force
  • VADM Daniel Dwyer, USN, Commander, SECOND Fleet/ Commander, Joint Forces Command Norfolk
  • LtGen Robert Skinner, USAF, Director, DISA;, Commander of the Joint Force Headquarters- DoDIN
  • LTG John B. Morrison, Jr., USA, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-6, U.S. Army
  • Jane Rathbun, SES, Chief Technology Officer & DASN Information Warfare and Enterprise Services
  • Maj Gen Michael J. Schmidt, USAF, PEO, Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence and Networks, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
  • BG Jeth Rey, USA, Director, N-CFT, Army Futures Command

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Mary M. Gates Learning Center
701 N Fairfax St, 22314
Alexandria, VA, USA

There is no parking at the Learning Center for delegates, and street parking is limited to 2 hours
Please Note: Parking is NO LONGER AVAILABLE at the former Crowne Plaza Hotel (901 N. Fairfax St., Alexandria, VA)

Hotel Rooms are available at a discounted rate at:
801 North St. Asaph Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
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