Automotive Cybersecurity Detroit 2022

March 29-31, 2022- Detroit, MI, United States

The Future of Automotive Cybersecurity
Mandated Cybersecurity | Newest Technologies | Vehicle Integrity

Automotive cybersecurity is a hotter topic now than it has ever been. Vehicles are more and more vulnerable to hacking, both in the car itself and via the back-end IT systems to which they connect. OEMs are aware of the need to secure vehicles, and to assure customers who fear cars will be easily hacked.

The automotive cybersecurity industry has seen great change in recent months. Today, the industry faces a sea of regulatory changes and mandates including the Software Bill of Materials, UN ECE 155 & 156 Regulations and the latest ISO/SAE21434 standard. The new rules and regulations have required companies to host cybersecurity management systems in-house, adding additional staffing, cost and time requirements to production. So, how can the industry tackle these new challenges?

Our long-running cybersecurity conference returns to Detroit in March, 29, 30 & 31, with an agenda put together in close partnership with the full spectrum of companies in the automotive ecosystem, and set in the context of latest regulatory developments including UN ECE 155 & 156, ISO/SAE 21434 and SBOM mandate.

The 11th Automotive Cybersecurity Summit 2022 Detroit, taking place in Michigan on March 29, 30 & 31, is designed to address burning questions and provide solutions to the biggest challenges facing industry leaders. While providing a one-of-a-kind forum for automakers, Tier 1s and suppliers to share best practices, lessons learned and visions for the future. Driven fully by industry intelligence and featuring a speaker line-up of automotive cybersecurity experts, the 11th Automotive Cybersecurity 2022 Detroit conference stands to be our most in-depth exploration of automotive cybersecurity to date!

The Industry's Top Challenges & Requirements Addressed

  • Tackling Supply Chain Security: Exploring the latest tools and technologies to manage weaknesses in the supply chain, upstream and downstream
  • Recognizing the impact of the newly mandated Software Bill of Materials
  • and how technology and solution providers can support the industry in meeting these new requirements
  • Practical Strategies & Tools/Technologies to ensure compliance with ISO\SAE 21434 and UN ECE 155 & 156
  • Cutting-edge technologies to protect against zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Next-Generation Cloud Technologies to protect vehicles on the ground
  • Leading-Edge Technologies to make EV & AV really safe - not only fail safe, but fail operational
  • Importance of Over-the-Air Updates as a robust tool to remotely patch bugs and close vulnerabilities
  • Utilizing Blockchain Technologies to secure identities & locations
  • Future of Automotive Cybersecurity: Cryptography, Cryptographic Keys, Quantum Technologies & More

2022 Agenda Themes

  • UN ECE REGULATIONS 155 &156 - In depth analysis of the latest UN ECE regulations with OEM lead case studies on plans for compliance
  • SAE/ISO STANDARD 21434 - Dive deep into the new ISO/SAE standard followed by an OEM case study of their standard implementation plan
  • SOFTWARE BILL OF MATERIALS - SBOM parameter of new us cybersecurity strategy and consequences for both the public and private sectors
  • ZERO DAY VULNERABILITIES - Vehicle cybersecurity beyond the production queue recovering new & unknown vulnerabilities as they arise
  • CADENCE OF CHANGE TO OTA - Explore OEM case studies and the value of utilizing OTA to support vehicle security infrastructure remotely
  • PROTECTING, UTILIZING & MONETIZING VEHICLE DATA - OEMs and suppliers speak to effectively & securely utilizing the increasing amount of vehicle data
  • LATEST TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY - Actual demonstrations from solution providers utilizing cloud, quantum and blockchain technology

2022 Industry Speakers Sneak Peak

  • Pierre Gachon, Expert Leader Cyber Sécurité, Renault
  • Claes Johansson, Manager of Data & Cybersecurity, Volvo Group
  • Ira McDonald, Consulting Security Architect, Toyota
  • Andre Weimerskirch, VP Product SW, Cybersecurity and Functional Safety, Lear Corporation
  • Muhammad Tayyab, Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer, Rivian (confirmed subject to approval)
  • John Krzeszewski, Chair SAE Vehicle Cyber Security Engineering Committee, SAE International
  • Kristie Pfosi, Director of Cybersecurity, Aptiv
  • Robert Kaster, Chief Technical Expert, Robert Bosch
  • Scott McCormick, President, CVTA
  • Ikjot Saini, Co-Director, SHIELD Automotive Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence
  • Samir Saber, Dean, Digital Information Technology COE & Executive Director, Workforce Technology, Houston Community College
  • Josh Vowles, Conference Producer, Automotive IQ

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