Connected Vehicles USA

June 28-30, 2022- Detroit, MI, United States

With an agenda 100% driven by industry-intelligence, and a speaker line-up led by first-movers and thought-leaders from the entire connected vehicle ecosystem, the June 2022 event is geared to deliver solutions on the timeliest connectivity themes, industry challenges and pain points.

Where is the connectted vehicle industry right now?

Connected vehicles is a growing hub in the automotive industry and one of the primary focus areas in the upcoming times, especially as the industry moves from DSRC to CV2X and towards autonomous vehicles. And with 5G, this growth will be even more enormous.
The market is picking back up - OEMs and Tier-1s led projects are accelerating, as well as projects sponsored by US DoT.

The industry has moved beyond connectivity for connectivity’s sake. Now, the industry is interested and invested in 1) the services connectivity enables, 2) application for connected technologies and 3) the entire ecosystem, raising questions like:
  • How do we manage applications associated with connectivity?
  • How do we manage connectivity and rationalize the ecosystem?
  • What services does connectivity enable?
  • How do we fully leverage the advanced capabilities of 5G and C-V2X?
After successfully running dozens of technical Electric and Autonomous Vehicles conferences on both sides of the Atlantic, we are proud to announce the Connected Vehicles USA series, focusing on this multi-million-dollar area of opportunity for the Automotive industry.

Taking place on June 28, 29 & 30, the event will zero-in on some of the hottest themes in the connected vehicle space, with practical use cases and lessons learned, shared over three full days.

Reasons to Attend

  • Experience a one-of-a-kind technical business conference, focused on what worked and what didn't in the vast connected vehicle ecosystem
  • An agenda researched and designed to reflect the changing pace of the automotive industry, addressing the most important topics from those facing these challenges
  • Actual Technology, Hardware & Software Simulations
  • Proof of Concept Presentations
  • Speakers and panelists from across the connected vehicle ecosystem

2022 Agenda Highlights

  • DATA PRIVACY & SECURITY - How to protect vehicle & passenger data in motion
  • APPLICATION OF CONNECTIVITY - Innovation, monetization & scalable deployment
  • C-V2X TECHNOLOGY ROADMAP - Existing & future technology to drive connected vehicles towards C-V2X
  • OPTIMIZING C-V2X DEPLOYMENT - Spectrum Availability & use of existing GHz
  • ADVANCEMENTS IN SECURITY PROTOCOLs - New technology for securing vehicle & data security
  • REGULATORY ASPECTS - How to establish the safety & trustworthiness of vehicles before launch
  • 5G - 5G Release 16 & 17, 5G NR &  integrating 5G & C-V2X
  • EV CHARGING CONNECTIVITY - Connectivity angles associated with EV
  • MANAGING SUBSCRIPTIONS - Value added services that connectivity enables

"The technology showcasing and socialization was great for networking"

Special Programs Engineer, Nevada Automotive Test Center

"Good program with speakers who distilled the current state and ongoing developments very well. Saved me a lot of research and reading to get me a reasonable picture of where things are so we can plan better how to participate in this evolving industry."
CTO, Aavid Thermal Division, Boyd Corp

Speaker Line-Up 2022

  • Filip Brabec, SVP, Product Management, Audi
  • Xiao Ma, Head of Product & Mobility Ecosystem Strategy and Definition, Faraday Future
  • Sachin Raviram, Product Leader and Program Engineering Manager, General Motors
  • Matt Jones, Director of Global Technology Strategy, Ford Motor Company & President, COVESA Alliance
  • Monica Mitchell, Chief Engineer of Cybersecurity and Product Software, Polaris Inc.
  • Kevin Baltes, Director - Product Cybersecurity, General Motors Company
  • Robert Gee, Senior Manager Portfolio Development, Connected Vehicle Solutions & V2X, Continental
  • Stefan Buerkle, SVP, Sales Cross Domain Computing NA, Business Lead Connected Information NA, Bosch
  • Andre Weimerskirch, Software, Cybersecurity and Functional Safety, Lear Corporation
  • Szabolcs Patay, Chief Revenue Officer, Commsignia
  • Faroog Ibrahim, Work Item Leader for CACC, FVCWS & VVICW, U.S. Department of Transportation: Advanced Vehicle Technology Division
  • Michele Mueller, Sr. Project Manager Connected and Automated Vehicles, Michigan Department of Transportation
  • Scott McCormick, President, CVTA
  • Kyle Davis, Sr. Analyst, Connected Car and Vehicle Experience, IHS Markit
  • Ikjot Saini, Co-Director, SHIELD Automotive Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence
  • Jean Paul Talledo Vilela, Senior Technology Implementer, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
  • Freya Hunter, Connected Vehicles Portfolio Director, Automotive IQ
  • Damian Pigot, Sales Director, Automotive IQ

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