Past event: Hypersonic Weapons Summit Fall

Guiding Hypersonic Development to Operationalize Capabilities for US National Security Goals

Welcome to the 4th Annual Hypersonic Weapons Summit. Hypersonic weapons development in the US has seen significant growth. The US has actively pursued the development of hypersonic weapons as since the early 2000s. In recent years, the US has focused such efforts on hypersonic glide vehicles and hypersonic cruise missiles with shorter and intermediate ranges for use in regional conflicts.

Although funding for these programs has been relatively restrained in the past, both the Pentagon and Congress have shown a massive interest in pursuing the development and near-term deployment of hypersonic systems. This is due to the growing interest in these technologies in Russia and China, leading to a heightened focus in the United States on the strategic threat posed by hypersonic flight.

With recent successful tests, the path to hypersonic deployment seems closer than ever for the United States. However, there are many technological and operational decisions to be made before fielding operational weapons. Meeting the pace at which the Services wants to test and field a hypersonic offensive capability will be a challenge, but doing so is critical to the National Defense Strategy of the United States Military.  Our conference provides an opportunity for stakeholders from across the the DoD, academia and industry to get together for two days of networking, information sharing, thought leadership and problem solving to better achieve the goals of the US in hypersonics.

Due to the critical nature of the development of hypersonic weapons, we must state that only U.S. Government, Contractors and Academia can attend this event.

Why Attend Hypersonic Weapons Summit?

  • Networking with major decision makers and budget holders
  • University expert and researcher expertise on key topics
  • Opportunities to hear from counter hypersonics leaders on challenges and needs
  • Presentations from Program Managers of each hypersonic program
  • Insight into testing, future roadmaps

2022 Event Co-Chairs

  • Michael Griffin, Former Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering; Co-President, LogiQ
  • Dr. Lisa Porter PhD, Former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, Co-President, LogiQ

2022 Speakers

  • Mike E. White, SES, Principal Director, Hypersonics, Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
  • Lieutenant General Neil Thurgood SES, Director of Hypersonics, US Army Hypersonic Project Office
  • Vice Admiral Johnny Wolfe, Director, Strategic Systems Programs, US Navy
  • Mr. Robert Taylor SES, J8 Director, Capability and Resource Integration, US STRATCOMM
  • Dr. Knox T. Millsaps PhD, SES, Director, Division of Aerospace Science, Air Warfare and Weapons, Office of Naval Research
  • Dr. Gillian Bussey PhD, Special Advisor, Hypersonics, Office of the Chief Scientist, US Air Force
  • Dr. Mark J. Lewis PhD, Director, Emerging Technologies Institute, National Defense Industrial Association
  • Dr. David Denhard PhD, Director, Science & Technology, Missile Defense Agency
  • Dr. Brian Kantsiper PhD, Chief Engineer, Space Development Agency, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering
  • Walt Engelund, Deputy Associate Administrator for Programs, Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA
  • Geoff Wilson, Program Manager, Test & Evaluation / Science & Technology Program, Test Resource Management Center (TRMC), Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • Dr. Mark Benedict PhD, Additive Manufacturing Director, Air Force Research Laboratory, US Air Force
  • Dennis Helmich, Director of Integrated Military Systems, Sandia Laboratories
  • Colonel Ross Guieb (ret.), Executive Director, George H.W. Bush Combat Development Complex, Texas A&M University
  • Dr. Michael Sangid PhD, Executive Director, Hypersonics Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center, Purdue University
  • Dr. Thomas Corke PhD, Director, Hypersonic Systems Initiative, Notre Dame University
  • Dr. Phillip Ligrani PhD, Eminent Scholar in Propulsion, University of Alabama, Huntsville
  • Dr, Graham Candler PhD, Associate Department Head, Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Joseph Zaug PhD, Department of Defense Technologies Program Leader, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Dr. Chris Cross PhD, Deputy Associate Program Leader, Weapons and Complex Integration, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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