Past event: BMS & Battery Technologies for EV/HEV 2022 Conference

Our International Conference on BMS & Battery Technologies for EV/HEV event returns to Berlin after three years, as we move through what the industry is calling the 'second wave' and 'the hottest period' for batteries and BMS, in spite of constrained supply chains and increasing high battery, material and commodities costs.


EV Batteries and BMS are the two areas dominating the industry right now and growing more and more every year. 'If you have a battery without a BMS, then it's completely worthless'. The BMS controls how the battery behaves, how safe it is and how much you can 'squeeze' out of your battery. OEMs need both to really work together.


Companies are coming up with new ideas that are both technically innovative idea and cost optimised. The physical design of the battery pack is changing. But for the majority of EV companies, the biggest challenge is keeping costs low, including battery, material, and recycling cost. But this is easier said than done with constrained supply chains and uncertain geopolitical situation in Russia-Ukraine.

Researched and redeveloped to reflect exactly where the European EV battery and BMS segment is right now, the September 2022 agenda moves away from general principles and basics of battery management systems, to focus on the importance, application, and optimisation of the BMS, and is a direct reflection of everyone in the supply chain, including OEM's, Tier-1's, Tier-2's and cell manufacturer's biggest challenges and pain points.

Co-located with the 7th eMobility Charging Infrastructure Europe 2022 conference, we're giving you the opportunity to learn from, network and do business with 100s of Battery, BMS and Charging experts over three full days in Berlin.

Addressing the OEM's, Tier-1's, Tier-2's and Cell Manufacturer's Biggest Challenges and Pain Points

  • Technical Innovation & Cost Optimisation
  • Linking Battery Technology & BMS Design
  • Battery Pack Design & Energy Density
  • Managing Supply Chain Bottlenecks
  • Current & Next-Generation Battery Cell Technologies, including LFP and Solid State
  • Battery Sizing & Selection
  • Battery Recycling & Second Life
  • New Developments in Cell Chemistries
  • Battery System Architectures
  • Upcoming EU Regulations
  • Deep dive into BMS topics, including Standardisation, Accessibility, Wireless and Cloud Solutions
  • Thermal Efficiency, Stability & Runaway
  • Data Analytics, IoT and Digital Twins

Who is this event designed for & who should attend?

Electric, Autonomous and Hybrid Vehicles Manufacturers, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers in the EV space, including:
  • Battery and Fuel Cell Manufacturers
  • Battery Management Systems Suppliers
  • Lithium-Ion/Li-Ion Battery Companies
  • Solid-State Batteries Companies
  • Electrified Powertrain Systems and Component Suppliers
  • Thermal/Cooling Systems and Related Component Manufacturers
  • eMobility/Charging Infrastructure Companies
  • High Voltage Systems and Power Semiconductor Suppliers
  • CAE Software and Modelling Suppliers
  • Benchmarking Engineering Services Providers
  • Engineering Consultancies
With Job titles including but not limited to:
CEOs, VPs, Directors, Heads of, Technical Leads, Managers, Engineers, Scientists of:
  • BEV, Hybrids and Mild-Hybrid
  • Electrification
  • Batteries
  • Energy Storage
  • Cooling and Thermal Management
  • Materials
  • Research, Development & Innovation
  • eMobility & Charging Infrastructure
  • Powertrain Engineering & Propulsion
  • Systems & Control Engineering

"This is an eye opener regarding the status of the implementation across the industry."
Guillermo Molina-Arellano, Safety Officer, Volvo 3P, Sweden

"The conference with the widest variety: speakers and participants from all kinds of companies and from all around the world. This makes the discussions and debates really interesting."
Adam Schnellbach, Functional Safety Group Leader, MAGNA Powertrain AG & Co. KG, Germany


  • Ozgur Ali Aktas, e-Mobility Product Owner, Ford Trucks
  • Faisal Altaf, Chief Engineer - ESS Functions and BMS, Volvo Group
  • Zana Aga, Intrapreneur Actrada - 2nd life EV battery usage, Volkswagen Group Services GmbH
  • Andreas Dahrmann, Project manager, Volkswagen Group Services GmbH
  • Richard Hackforth-Jones, Head of Charging & Electrification, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Patrick Handritschk, Technical Development Team Leader, Continental
  • Dr. Kamel Azzouz, Head of Research & Innovation (Thermal Powertrain), Valeo
  • Sascha Ewert, Head of Non Ferrous Metals, thyssenkrupp
  • Mani Kazimi, Senior System Engineer - BMS, Volvo Group
  • Angus Lyon, Director, Rockfort Engineering Limited
  • Scott Yarham, Global Lead, Battery Metals, S&P Global
  • Ulderico Ulissi, Battery Research Lead, Rho Motion
  • Jorge Varela Barreras, Senior researcher in battery modelling, Imperial College
  • Anwar Sattar, Lead Engineer in Battery Recycling, WMG, University of Warwick
  • Daniel Luder, Research Associate, RWTH Aachen University
  • Gavin Harper, Met4Tech Research Fellow, University of Birmingham
  • Tomas Jezdinsky, Presenting the H2020 project HELIOS, HELIOS
  • Heidi Heinzelmann, Conference Producer, Automotive IQ
  • Richard Crosby, Regional Sales Director, Automotive IQ

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Event type : Conference
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