Level I - ITAR/EAR Boot Camp

Level I Seminar

June 6-8, 2023- Louisville, KY, United States

An intensive two-day learning experience focused on the basics of the ITAR and EAR. Seminar Level I focuses on the principles of defense trade controls with practical examples, case studies, and small group discussions and provides attendees with unparalleled insight into the application of export controls..Topics include State/DDTC and the Regulations, Understanding ITAR-Controlled Technical Data, How to Complete a DSP-5, Licensing Non-U.S. Persons, Utilizing ITAR Exemptions, Recordkeeping, and Compliance in the Age of Export Reform.

This comprehensive seminar also focuses on licensing in the 600 Series with case studies and classification exercises. Topics include Understanding Commerce/BIS & the Regulations, The Ten General Prohibitions, How to Use the Country Charts & Reasons for Control, Preparing License & Classification Requests using SNAP-R, List Based License Exceptions & Embargoes, How to Use the Strategic Trade Authorization (STA), Export Enforcement & Preventing Violations.

Compliance with the Federal Regulations is a Critical Component of Your Corporate Strategic Image

Avoid Costly Fines & Penalties Through Your Compliance with and Understanding of the EAR & ITAR.


Suzanne Palmer, President, Export Compliance Solutions, a former Licensing Officer at the State Department, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), with 20 years of direct experience in the U.S. defense industry. After leaving the State Department, Ms. Palmer joined Northrop Grumman’s Electronic Systems in Baltimore and then went on to work at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. Ms. Palmer combined this unique experience to found ECS in 2003. The ECS team provides training to help compliance officials successfully apply U.S. export control regulations and establish viable export compliance programs. Ms. Palmer has worked on the Defense Trade Advisory Group (DTAG), was appointed to serve as a Special Compliance Officer (SCO) for a company operating under a Consent Agreement and is an active speaker for various professional organizations.

Lisa Bencivenga has over twenty seven years of varied experience in export/import licensing and compliance issues with major defense contractors. She has had the leading role in developing and implementing internal compliance programs, providing regulatory guidance, instituting license databases, training personnel at all corporate levels, conducting audits requested by clients and/or directed by the U.S. Department of State, coordinating investigations and working closely with legal departments while administering the full spectrum of corporate international export/import activities. She has several years of experience in space-related export issues which includes obtaining and implementing complex licensing arrangements related to spacecraft and launch activities as a result of her employment with Orbital Sciences Corporation and The Boeing Company.

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DAY 1: Tuesday, June 6th:

  • Test Your Knowledge
  • “Understanding State/DDTC and the ITAR” A look at the State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC)
  • Presentation: “The Order of Review, Specially Designed & the Commodity Jurisdiction Process”
  • Exercise 1: “Classifying Your Product”
  • Presentation: “How to Complete an Electronic DSP-5 License” Knowing the types of licenses & completing all blocks on a license.
  • Exercise 2: “Defining Technical Data”
  • Presentation: “Licensing Requirements for Foreign Person Employees (FPE)” What you need to know to apply for a DSP-5 Foreign Employee license.
  • Presentation: “ITAR Exemptions” Utilizing the most common ITAR exemptions to include retransfers.
  • Presentation: “Violations & Lessons Learned from Consent Agreements” Recent ITAR violators & how to avoid trouble.

DAY 2: Wednesday, June 7th:

  • Presentation: “Understanding Commerce/BIS and the Regulations” A look at the Commerce Department, Bureau of Industry & Security & the CCL.
  • Presentation: “The Ten General Prohibitions & Red Flags” A review of Part 736 of the EAR.
  • Presentation: “Classification & Reading the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN),” An examination of EAR Part 738 & 774.
  • Exercise 3: “Finding a Product on the CCL”
  • Presentation: “BIS Registration, Applying for a License, Preparing a Letter of Explanation (LOE) and U.S. Government Staffing Points”
  • Presentation: “License Exceptions & the Strategic Trade Authorization” A review of Part 740 of the EAR.
  • Exercise 4: “Utilizing the Exceptions”
  • Presentation: “EAR & ITAR Recordkeeping & Compliance” Important documents to safeguard.
  • Presentation: “Due Diligence: Preventing Violations” Increase your awareness of key compliance violations.

DAY 3: Thursday, June 8th (optional):

  • Presentation: “A-Z: How to Conduct a Comprehensive Audit” From the audit areas to examine, documents to review and the importance of auditing your freight forwarders.
  • Presentation: “Unlocking the Keys to an Effective ITAR/EAR Training Program”
  • Presentation: “The 7 Effective Habits of an ITAR/EAR Compliance Official”
  • Exercise 5: “Drafting an Audit Plan”
  • Presentation: “Key Elements of a Policy & Procedure Manual”
  • Presentation: “Using the Exceptions Effectively
  • Presentation: “Sentinel, Blue Lantern Programs & State/DTCC Company Visits” An examination of Commerce/BIS and State/DTCC internal compliance efforts.
  • Exercise 6: “Am I an Effective Compliance Official?”
Seminar Sessions 8:30am - 4:00pm.
Breakfast and lunch included. Breakfast 7:30am - 8:30am.
Attendees will receive a bound copy of the presentations and the most recent copy of the ITAR.


The Seelbach Hilton Louisville
500 South Fourth Street, 40202
Louisville, KY, USA
Ask for the ECS rate of $179