Past event: C2ISR Global Conference

The Global Intelligence and C2 Community's Annual General Meeting

Transforming Intelligence for Future All Domain Warfare

Welcoming over 250 senior decision-makers, C2ISR Week integrates the Airborne, Maritime and Land C2ISR conferences to provide a forum for discussions on ways to transform intelligence for future all domain warfare.  Benefiting from the personal interventions of Lt Gen Rouleaou, Lt Gen Crall, and Lt Gen Berrier and many other senior decision-makers, the previous event explored, amongst other themes, the operationalization of JADC2 and AFSC, distributed decision-making (mission command) in degraded and denied environments, and the role of the airborne platform within next-generation C2ISR.

Over the course of three days, the program aims to support the ongoing JADC2 and AFSC efforts, with briefings on topics including the integration of the space domain, the role of cloud architectures within C2, the application of AI/ML in ISR and the role of unmanned systems within tomorrow's operating environment. Training and doctrine remain on the agenda, as we seek to update them in the context of multi-domain operations.

The 2023 Programme In Brief

  • A2AD - Airborne ISR & Early Warning Capabilities in High End, Peer Conflict
  • Requirements Design - Defining the Right Capability Mix for the Full Spectrum of Conflict Environments
  • The Next Generation Air Force - Addressing Skills Fade and Enhancing Decision-Making for Multi-Domain Operations
  • Manned to Unmanned - ISR assets in permissive and non-persmissive environments
  • Multi-Domain C2 - Integrating space and cyber into Air Force operational constructs
  • AI and the Optimisation - of the PED Process in the multi-domain environment
2023 Conference Speaker Faculty
  • Lieutenant General Nick Borton DSO MBE, Commander, NATO ARRC
  • Major General Daniel Simpson, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, ISR, US Air Force
  • Major General William Seely, Director of Intelligence, USMC
  • Major General Joar Eidheim, Chief of the Special Operations Command, Norwegian Armed Forces
  • Major General Wolfgang Gäbelein, Director, Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning, German Federal Forces
  • Rear-Admiral Jeffery Zwick CMM, CD, Chief Of Combat Sytems Integration, Canadian Armed Forces
  • Rear Admiral Juha Vauhkonen, Chief of Intelligence, Finnish Defence Forces
  • Dr. Cagatay Soyer, Alliance Future Surveillance & Control Project Manager, NATO NSPA
  • Brigadier General Sébastien Rabeau, Commander Intelligence Brigade, French Air and Space Force
  • Jonas Dahlen, Head of Collection, Swedish Intelligence and Security Directorate
  • Brigadier Halvor Johansen, Chief of the Armed Forces Cyber Defence, Norwegian Armed Forces
  • Brigadier General Juan Jaime Martinez Ossa, CACOM 1 Commander, Colombian Air Force
  • Air Commodore Keith Taylor, Deputy Commander, Airborne Early Warning, NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force (NAEW&CF)
  • Air Commodore Mark Smith, Head of DI Russia Centre, UK Strategic Command
  • Air Commodore Simon Strasdin CBE MA, ISTAR Force Commander, RAF
  • Captain Marian Ciobotaru, Commander of “Callatis” Radioelectronic & Surveillance Brigade, Romanian Naval Forces
  • Colonel Aaron Gibney, Commander, 505th Combat Training Group, US Air Force
  • Colonel Ángel Segundo Gómez González, Director, Intelligence Department, Spanish Higher Military Studies Centre
  • Colonel Uwe Larson, Chief of Staff, Centre for Digitalisation, Cyber and Information Domain Service Capability Development, Bundeswehr
  • Colonel Roy Natarajan, Assistant Chief of Staff G2, Allied Rapid Reaction Corps
  • Captain Rachel Singleton, Head Digital and C5ISR Development, Royal Navy
  • Allan McLeod, Director Life Cycle Management, NATO NSPA
  • Dr. Bryan Tipton, Chief of Engineering, C3BM Office, US Air Force
  • Emma Torbitt-McNay, Senior Principal Analyst Air Operations in the Information Age, Air Operational Analysis and Decision Support Project, DSTL
  • Louise Hoehl, Principal Scientist - Operational Analysis, NATO
  • Laryssa Patten, Space and AGS Portfolio Manager, NCIA
  • Air Marshal (Ret’d) Sir Christopher Harper KBE RAF, Former Director General of the NATO International Military Staff, NATO

2023 Industry Speakers

  • Torstein Bergli, Senior Military advisor, SAAB
  • Magnus Enger, Head of Product Management GlobalEye Mission System, SAAB
  • Magnus Lewis-Olsson, Head of Saab NATO and EU Organisation, SAAB
  • Henrik Sommer, Director, Systematic

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