Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley 2024

AV24 - 13th Annual Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley 2024

February 20-22, 2024- Santa Clara, CA, United States

With an agenda 100% driven by industry-intelligence, and a speaker line-up led by first-movers and thought-leaders from the entire AV ecosystem, the 2023 event will be geared to deliver solutions on the timeliest AV themes, industry challenges and pain points.

Where Was the AV Industry in 2022?

If we think about where we are in the hype curve with autonomous vehicles, the industry is picking up again. We are through the valley of disillusionment and heading back up the other side. There is substantial funding available by federal governments for pilots and a tremendous amount of investment in going into this space. There is now also an accelerated drive and desire for automated trucking, logistics and last mile delivery. And while some companies hunkered down during the pandemic, others got serious, rolled out pilots and came up with deployable use cases.

The topic of discussion shifted from...
'Will AVs Happen?'
'What will it take to Productionize AVs?'

Our 13th Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley 2023 will be researched and restructured to reflect the diverse and changing pace of the AV industry, and is designed to address the industry's most important deployment, productionization, safety and performance challenges.

Focusing on metrics that matter the most right now, the event gives you the opportunity to look where we are headed and share practical strategies, novel areas of opportunity and gaps where the industry needs to do course correction.

2022 Agenda Highlights

  • actionable case studies, focusing on what's working, what isn't working and what's working best.
  • COLLABORATIVE PANELS, TECHNICAL BREAKOUTS & ACTUAL DEMOS OF TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE - Join your peers in the 'Technology Performance Zone' as tech providers battle it out and provide live demos of next-gen technologies, comparing technical performance & efficiency.
  • CURATED NETWORKING FOR TARGETED GROUPS FROM THE ENTIRE AV ECOSYSTEM - Including Executive & Product Level Teams, Technical/ Principal Engineers & Engineering Teams, and Legal & Strategic Partnership Groups.
  • PRE-SUMMIT MASTERCLASSES FOCUSING ON AUTOMATED TRUCKING & LAST-MILE DELIVERY - Switching from moving people to moving goods and keeping the economy running.

“The technology showcasing and socialization was great for networking”

Special Programs Engineer, Nevada Automotive Test Center

"Good program with speakers who distilled the current state and ongoing developments very well. Saved me a lot of research and reading to get me a reasonable picture of where things are so we can plan better how to participate in this evolving industry."

CTO, Aavid Thermal Division, Boyd Corp

2022 Speakers Included

  • Steve Kenner, Chief Product and Safety Officer, Locomation
  • David Rubin, Head of Policy Research, Cruise
  • Yan Chang, Senior Software Engineer, Zoox
  • Finch Fulton, Vice President of Policy & Strategy, Locomation
  • Krish Iyer, Strategy Lead, Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Manufacturing, Office of CTO, Dell Technologies
  • Srikanth Hari, Technical Program Manager, Ford Motor Company
  • Larry Vivolo, Senior Business Development Manager for Automotive and Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing, Dell Technologies
  • Daniel Ferreira, Head of the Automotive Business Unit, TATA Communications
  • Larry Edelstein, Solutions Engineering Manager, Perforce Software
  • Srini Gowda, VP - Autonomous Driving/ADAS, Navistar
  • Chuck Brokish, Director of Automotive Business Development, Green Hills Software

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