European Electric Vehicle Batteries 2023 Summit

November 8-9, 2023- London, United Kingdom

Building on the success of our last summit, we are delighted to be back with our 4th European Electric Vehicle Batteries Summit that is set to take place on the 6th and 7th of June 2023 in London, UK.

The forecast for the next few years and beyond is that the demand for EV Batteries will rise considerably to meet demands for a greener future. Addressing the increase in demand is set to be a challenge, thanks to the huge scale and speed of the industry's forecast growth. Some ethical questions regarding sources of minerals also pose a challenge, with main supplies being from places like the Lithium Triangle, and the DRC.

Therefore, to tackle these problem areas we will be taking a look at what can be done with a battery's second life, dealing with sustainability and waste management, and taking a look at the relevance of the range concern.

To address these industry changes our two-day event will bring together leaders from major EV battery producers and vehicle manufacturers, sharing their knowledge and their experience with the latest technology developments.

Also joining the summit will be research representatives, senior engineers, market and energy consultants and providers of key solutions such as components, materials and charging infrastructure. This is a networking opportunity not to be passed up on.

Key Topics

  • European electric vehicle battery market overview
  • Sourcing critical minerals amidst surging demand
  • Sustainability and dealing with waste management
  • Range anxiety - is it warranted anymore?
  • Addressing R&D shortfalls and successes
  • Charging capabilities, competitiveness and infrastructure
  • New battery technology and design
  • Improving communication with OEMs
  • Sustainability - what can be done in a battery's second life
  • Effective engineering and improving weightiness
  • Alleviating industry safety concerns

Who Will Attend

  • Strategic advisors & market analysts
  • Senior management from EV battery and car makers
  • EV Battery experts from research, consultancy and simulation firms
  • OEMs
  • Policy & regulatory professionals

Confirmed Speakers

  • Fergal Harrington-Beatty, AMTE Power
  • Athan Fox, Ever Resource
  • Lukasz Lazinski, TSG Solution
  • Matthew Lumsden, Connected Energy Limited
  • Claudius Jehle, volytica diagnostics GmbH
  • William Roberts, Rho Motion
  • Julian P. Galonska, GM Europe
  • Bartosz Gorecki, QuickerSim
  • Moritz Teuber, FEV
  • Aleksander Rajch, PSPA
  • Teddy Szemberg O’Connor, Rimac Technology
  • Alex Johns, Altelium Limited
  • Oscar Miguel, Cidetec
  • Henry Lo, Haze Automotive

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