Past event: Non-Road Mobile Machinery Electrification and Hybridization Forum

The electrification of non-road mobile equipment (NRMM) is becoming more popular. Non-Road Mobile Machinery Electrification and Hybridization Forum discusses the potential of electric and hybrid powertrains in several NRMM industries, as well as the constraints that may impede their growth. The NRMM sectors, vehicle types, operation and duty cycle cycles, and market shares are all detailed. The normal duty cycles and operation of on-road and off-road vehicles are compared in order to get insight into the unique characteristics of off-road vehicles. NRMM development is influenced by a variety of factors, including consumer requirements, fuel and energy pricing, and laws and legislation.

Non-road mobile machinery electrification has enormous promise for lowering the high emissions and fuel consumption of such industrial gear. Detailed real-time physics-based simulation models capable of evaluating hybrid powertrain energy efficiency in actual operating situations can contribute to the development of efficient mobile machinery.

This Non-Road Mobile Machinery Electrification and Hybridization Forum will address a broad range of issues, including hydraulic systems, battery technology, electric motors, thermal management, quick charging options, energy recovery, and supercapacitors, as well as battery safety and dependability and many more.

Also, activities like exchanging experiences, discussing innovations, and getting an update on what's happening in the non-road mobile machinery sector in terms of new electrification/hybridization breakthroughs and other industry highlights will be carried out.

Regulations and limitations on exhaust emissions are becoming increasingly stringent across Europe. Customers are increasingly requesting emission-free construction equipment in order to be prepared for the future. Demands for greener products are placing enormous strain on the off-highway machinery industry. Electrification is inevitable beginning with electric autos and progressing to electric commercial buses and so on.

Non-Road Mobile Machinery Hybridization and Electrification Forum will address a wide range of issues, including hydraulic systems, battery technology, electric motors, thermal management, quick charging solutions, energy recovery, supercapacitors, and battery safety and dependability. The Non-Road Mobile Machinery Hybridization and Electrification Forum will focus on views and perspectives on more sustainable, quieter, and efficient batteries and vehicles.

Non-Road Mobile Machinery Hybridization and Electrification Forum includes sessions that will discuss and cover important topics on the impact of Non-Road Mobile Machinery Hybridization and Electrification on the electrical grid and smart charging options, new prospects and innovations in electrification and hybridization of mobile machinery, how can on-road technology help with off-road electrification? , the most recent advancements in battery and battery management systems for NRMM and conversation about sustainability and the future of electricity.

Discussions in Non-Road Mobile Machinery Hybridization and Electrification Forum will cover details on hybridization which entails combining an internal combustion engine (diesel or gasoline) with a second engine, either electric or hydraulic. This can take the form of a generator, which, when linked to the engine, gives electrical energy to various machine components. This generator is then linked to batteries, which store and deliver the electrical energy. It may also entail directly energizing certain components such as hydraulic systems.

Electrification - Zero Emission, Unlike hybridization, this method eliminates the need for an internal combustion engine entirely. The hydraulic systems are then motorized and driven by electric motors supplied by batteries. Several electrical designs (power and energy) exist, depending on the type of machine and the application needs. Batteries can weigh a few dozen to several hundred kg. They, like automobiles, must be recharged on a regular basis to guarantee optimal operation.

Powertrain electrification is a major trend in automotive applications. Although electric powertrains offer various benefits over traditional mechanical and hydraulic powertrains, there are still significant difficulties to solve in order to achieve long-term commercial success. Non-Road Mobile Machinery Hybridization and Electrification Forum provides a technological assessment of current and future advancements in non-road mobile equipment powertrain electrification (NRMM). The problems and prospects of NRMM electrification are thoroughly explained. Regulations, policies, and market growth are examined as trends and drivers of technological progress, and technology enablers are highlighted.

Non-Road Mobile Machinery Hybridization and Electrification Forum aims to elaborate more about the challenges and difficulties involved in electrification of machinery. The machines employed are sometimes huge and hoist heavy weights, necessitating dimensioning that offers the required energy and autonomy to do the operation effectively. Other machines are smaller, circulating in tiny spaces and functioning for lengthy periods of time in more or less confined locations. Access to a source of energy can be difficult, if not impossible, in the field. These limits are forced on builders and engineers in order to solve these demands with suitable, sustainable, and now greener technology.

Electrification in off-highway gear has broken new ground in recent years, but there are still many hurdles ahead for OEMs in this industry. Hydraulic systems, battery technology, electric motors, fuel cells, thermal management, quick charging solutions, energy recovery, and supercapacitors for battery safety and dependability will all be covered at Non-Road Mobile Machinery Hybridization and Electrification Forum.

Join the +35 speakers from the world leading company leaders as they share their management ideas on the opportunities and challenges that come with the electrification trend. Through real-time Q&A sessions, direct live messaging capabilities, and interactive panel discussions, you will have multiple networking chances to mingle with industry titans.

Key Topics & Discussions

  • Developments in NRMM Market and Forecasts
  • Exploring the electrifying future of NRMM
  • Charging the Future: Challenges and Opportunities for Electric & Hybrid NRMM
  • Paving the way for electromobility
  • Battery Requirements for Hybrid and Electric NRMM
  • Emissions Regulation for the NRMM Market
  • The Next Frontier in Electric and Hybrid NRMM

Why should attend the forum

  • Be part of this innovative event, with more delegates from top companies around the globe sharing strategies and business growth opportunities for the industry.
  • Opportunities to mingle and network with several industry top players and executives.
  • Realtime interactive sessions and Q & A engaging on subject matters.

Our Speakers

  • Sahar Rashid Beigi, APM Terminals, Head of Decarbonization
  • Mark Zwerner, ABB, VP Global Strategic Partnerships Smart Buildings Division
  • Jan-Justus Andreas, Bellona, Team Lead
  • Niall Caldwell, Danfoss, Senior Director, R&D
  • Alex Woodrow, Knibb Gormezano and Partners, Managing Director
  • Tommaso Migliuolo, Williams Advanced Engineering, Business Development Manager
  • Per Stjernqvist, Irdeto, Global Director Solutions, Off Highway Equipment
  • Mats Hultman, Neste Corporation, Head of OEM Partnerships
  • Phil Roberts, Horiba Mira, Technical Specialist – Propulsion Research and Development
  • Nir Vaks, Carpenter Technology, Vice President - Electrification
  • Jyri Kyla Kaila, Epec Oy, Managing Director
  • Subhes Bhattacharyya, University of Surrey, Professor of Net Zero Carbon Energy Systems
  • Shan Tomouk, Rho Motion, Senior Research Analyst
  • Lotfi Nazli, Scania CV AB Scania, R&D Engineer at Materials Technology for Electrification and Electronics
  • Tomasz Turek, BSPL 1 SPzoo, R&d Manager
  • Dariusz Pioro, Dariusz pioro digital engineering, CEO
  • Amr Moussa, AVL List GmbH, AI Development Engineer

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