The European Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit 2023

October 25-26, 2023- Hamburg, Germany

With ever increasing focus on sustainability and decarbonisation, many industries are looking for ways to use CO2 to both remove harmful emissions and find value from this perceived "waste" material. This event will focus on new CO2 utilisation developments and technologies in the oil and gas, chemicals, energy, mineralisation and E-Fuels industries, as well as other-end markets. The conference will also highlight international legislation; updates and requirements of the industry, as well as an overview of the market since the 2015 Paris agreement.

This summit will attract attendees from Energy companies investing in R&D, Oil, gas and chemical companies with Alternative energy departments, Governments looking for investable R&D in the energy sector, Biofuel companies, Power to gas/liquids fuels, Industrial Chemical sector, Start-up technology companies, Chemical product manufacturers, Fuel & Biofuel technology companies, Venture capital firms, Clean energy technology companies, Oil and gas services companies, Gases and engineering companies, Petrochemical consulting companies and more.

Key Topics

  • Legislation and regulation – an overview and outlook.
  • Financial state and investment in CCU deployment.
  • Niche and novel CCU applications.
  • CO2 Utilisation in the construction industry.
  • Scalability of CCU deployment.
  • Alternative fuels; CCU and E-Fuels.
  • Creating and sustaining CCU infrastructure across Europe.
  • Carbon capture developments.

Who Will Attend?

  • Energy companies investing in R&D
  • Oil, gas and chemical companies with Alternative energy departments
  • Governments looking for investable R&D in the energy sector
  • Biofuel companies
  • Power to gas/liquids fuels
  • Industrial Chemical sector
  • Start-up technology companies
  • Chemical product manufacturers
  • Fuel & Biofuel technology companies
  • Venture capital firms
  • Clean energy technology companies
  • Oil and gas services companies
  • Gases and engineering companies
  • Petrochemical consulting companies

2022 Speakers Included

  • Anastasios Perimenis, Secretary General, CO2 Value Europe
  • Gunnar Holen, CEO, Nordic Electrofuel
  • Robert Zeller, Vice President Technology, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures
  • Martin Weghaus, Process Engineering Project Engineer, Bilfinger
  • Tudy Bernier, Senior Policy Manager, CO2 Value Europe
  • Sarah Endres, Business Development Manager, EEW – Energy from Waste
  • Vincent Meyer, R&D Project Manager, Holcim
  • Akis Souvaliotis, Process Advisor – Advanced Fuels, Exxonmobil
  • Paul Zakkour, Director, Carbon Counts
  • Carl Berninghausen, Executive Chairman, Sunfire
  • Deepak Pant, Senior Researcher, VITO
  • Robert Gresser, Innovation Consultant, I2V – Innovation to Value
  • Matthías Ólafsson, Manager – Government & Public Affairs – Europe, Methanol Institute
  • Oskar Meijerink, Business Development Manager, SkyNRG
  • Jan B Sagmo, CEO, Bergen Carbon Solutions
  • Ralph Uwe Dietrich, Team Leader, Techno-Economical Analysis, DLR
  • Florian Mollenbruck, Project Manager, Carbon Capture and Power-to-Fuel, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Peter van Gelderen, General Partner and CIO, ICOS Capital
  • Damien Voiry, Researcher, University of Montpellier
  • Christian Wix, Head of Product Development, Topsoe

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