Automotive Visual Displays & HMI 2023 Conference

August 29-31, 2023- Munich, Germany

Our Display Technologies & HMI 2023 Event Returns to Munich!

The automotive display industry is evolving fast; Business models are changing, new players are proposing new technologies and solutions, the relationship between OEMs, display manufacturers and OS manufacturers are transforming. The number of displays in vehicles are increasing and is driving most discussions regarding the value of the vehicle.

Improving driver's usability, user interfaces and safety are major OEM goals. And while creating more value for users is a significant target for the automotive manufacturer, the industry is struggling to find the balance between dollars spent on integrating the latest display technologies and value delivered for the driver. Another recurring question being asked right now is; how can we create value for the user, and what consequence does this have from a UX/UI, content, design, and technology point of view?

The 6th Annual Automotive Display Technologies & HMI 2023 Conference designed for OEMs, Display Manufacturers and other solution providers focusing not only on new display and HMI technologies, but also on the architecture, integration and use of different elements and capacitive/smart surfaces to deliver holistic solutions.

Co-located with  Automotive Intelligent Lighting 2023 Conference

Why Should You Attend Automotive Display Technologies & HMI 2023?

  • Hear from OEM speakers that are in charge the development and technical integration of display platforms and have direct input from the user experience point of view.
  • Find and meet key people in the Display, HMI, and Lighting Segments to understand their thinking and the direction that they are taking in the near and long-term future.
  • Find out the direction in which HMI is heading, what OS manufacturers are proposing, and how car manufacturers are collaborating with them and proposing their flavours.
  • Optimal mix of sessions covering both the business/strategic and technical aspects of automotive display and HMI

Key Themes Explored in 2023

How to use HMI inside the vehicle
Focus Day: 29th August, 2023
  • Discuss methods in using HMI to give a better interface to the user and how the expected user experience has changed in the digital age.
  • Hear from leading experts in the HMI space
Future automotive display technologies
Main Day 1: 30th August, 2023
  • Find out what is planned in terms of shapes, colour, colour depth and robustness and examine where advancements are coming from.
  • Share thoughts with OEMs, Tier 1s and Display Technology Manufacturers
Evolution of different operating systems
Main Day 2: 31st August, 2023
  • Explore the choices being made by OEMs when it comes to Operating Systems and discuss the differences in Android Automotive OS & Apple CarPlay
  • Join your colleagues and peers and we discuss OS for display technologies.
Technical sessions on display technologies
Main Day 1: 30th August, 2023
  • A multipart presentation examining varying display technologies including; HUDs, Augmented HUDs, Pillar-to-Pillar displays and more!
  • Share best practices and solutions to overcome the key challenges facing the display industry.
Creating value for the driver using displays & HMI
Main Day 2: 31st August, 2023
  • Discuss different  methods to create value for the user using displays & HMI without expending too many resources.
  • Hear solutions from industry experts
Multi-Modality & building trust using HMI
Main Day 2: 31st August, 2023
  • Explore different modalities and the use of multi-modality outputs & the improvements in voice recognition.
  • Hear OEM use cases and share best practices.


  • Caroline Olsienkiewicz, UX/UI Advanced Engineer, Mercedes-Benz Group AG
  • Arèf Antoine Tahhan, HMI Solution Manager, Stellantis
  • Chloe Alleau, UX Design Engineer, Stellantis
  • Davide Gaglione, HMI, Displays & Mechatronics Coordinator, Lamborghini
  • Paolo Severa, Sound, Body & Comfort Coordinator, Lamborghini
  • Orlando Di Donato, Connectivity Coordinator, Lamborghini
  • David Hermann, Technical Expert- Visual Performance and Display Technology, Volvo Car Group
  • Pooshpanjan Roy Biswas, Display Engineer, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi
  • Nitish Sundarasan, Head of Infotainment & the Digital Ecosystem, Automobili Pininfarina
  • Valentin Anisimov, Director of HMI Systems, Arrival
  • Dr. Eckhard Finger, Head of Platform Head-up Display, Valeo
  • Patrice Reilhac, R&I Director Senior Expert, Valeo
  • Aaron Dale, Senior Automotive Analyst - UI/UX, S&P Global
  • Dr. Andrea Upmann, Professor for Automotive Interior, FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences
  • Dr. - Ing. Wolfram Remlinger, Head of Interior Design Engineering, University of Stuttgart
  • Dr. - Ing. Peter Rössger, ,Founder & CEO Beyond HMI
  • Daisy Michelmore, Conference Producer, Automotive IQ

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