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Floating solar PV is an emerging technology with the potential for rapid growth. The demand for floating solar PV is expanding, especially on islands as the cost of the water surface is generally lower than the cost of land. Currently, most activity on floating PV relates to freshwater artificial reservoirs. Notwithstanding, the combined use of offshore solar PV with offshore wind is possible, because the solar panels can float between the wind turbines at sea, resulting in a hybrid system that can provide more stable power for the grid

3rd Annual Floating Solar PV Forum will take place as a two-days summit and will explore the global importance of floating solar. The event will unite policy makers and top thought leadership on one stage and unfurl the green recovery playbook. It will greatly explore the most lucrative opportunities that awaits in the renewable energy sector, whether it be the expansion of infrastructure, the electrification of end use sectors or decarbonising the way we do business, therefore, charting the path for the energy majors of tomorrow.

Event Statistics

  • 35+ Speakers
  • 150+ Attendees
  • 5+ Sponsors
Floating solar is one of the new frontiers of offshore technologies with promising growth trends. According to the World Bank, the potential floating solar capacity that could be installed globally is as much as 400 GW, or approximately the same generation capacity as all the photovoltaic solar panels installed in the world until 2017.According to research conducted by Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables, at the end of 2019 at least 2.4 GW of photovoltaic panels were installed on the water, across 35 countries worldwide.

Floating solar is an emerging concept that make use of a portion of surface water bodies for siting grid-tied solar energy systems. As solar PV system prices fall and reliability improves, there is more and more pressure to find suitable sites for grid-tied centralized systems, especially in areas where land use is a critical restraint, and floating solar offers an attractive alternative to land-based systems. Floating solar can open new opportunities for scaling up the solar power generating capacity, especially in countries with high population density and competing uses for available land. At present, countries including China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea have installed floating solar plants with a total capacity of 2,400 MW , enough to power 240,000 households.

Over the last years, the deployment of floating solar has grown more than a hundredfold, surpassing the milestone threshold of 1 GW in September 2018. As the world makes every effort to rebuild in the wake of the pandemic, one thing is very clear and that is the fact that our recovery should be a green one with renewable energy at its core. As governments set about unveiling their grand plans for a sustainable world, the energy industry waits with bated breath to discover what opportunities await in the future.

Floating solar represents a growing opportunity for developers to install solar in countries that are land constrained, or in specific locations that have favorable conditions such as water bodies with proximity to existing grids, such as hydropower dams or water treatment plants where they can use of existing infrastructure to make floating PV more cost competitive. Offshore installations at pilot stage are proving successful and are being closely monitored as they increase in size. However, in some cases floating solar will continue to be a relatively niche technology as countries, and developers consider it a relatively expensive method of installing solar compared to ground-mount solar on land and roof-top solar especially with regard to stringent requirements of anchoring, insurance, permits and water surface rights.

The 3rd Annual Floating Solar PV Forum offers an ideal opportunity to obtain comprehensive and in-depth information about floating PV. Various aspects of floating PV will be presented and discussed in several sessions: From market developments and first-hand best practice examples on lakes and off the coast, to financing possibilities and technical challenges above and below the water surface. The stage is set for energy leaders to steer us into a new world. Opportunity exists to reimagine, recreate and redefine our society in a new and greener image with renewable energy at its beating heart.

The 3rd Annual Floating Solar PV Forum is gearing up to provide attendees with seminal insights for successful operations within a digitally shifted green energy landscape. The forum will offer the ideal space for networking with industry players; senior managers, decision-makers, and practitioners operating in the industries and making the most of floating PV solar technologies.

Join us as we gather these experts, practitioners, stakeholders, and leaders from Europe and the rest of the world to discuss the innovations in floating PV solar, national policies and legislative actions as well as best practices concerning use of water surface.

Key Topics & Discussions

  • Bankability of Floating Solar: Experience and Technical Challenges
  • Technology and Supply Chain Readiness for Floating Solar Commercialization
  • Next-Generation Mooring and Anchor System for Floating Solar
  • O&M Challenges and Solution for Floating Solar
  • Floating Offshore Solar and Hydrogen Industry
  • Floating Solar: Managing Innovation & Standardisation
  • Synergy between Floating Solar and Hydropower
  • Floating Solar - Yield Optimization, Challenges and Strategies
  • Building, Commissioning and Operating a Floating PV Plant


  • Francisco Vozza, SolarDuck, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
  • Victoria Dahmen, RWE, Technical Innovation Partner
  • Benjamin Lehner, Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC), CEO
  • Félix Gorintin, Innosea, Technical Lead
  • Anna Heimsath, Fraunhofer ISE, Head of the department "Analysis of Modules and PV Power Plants"
  • Harold Meurisse, Laketricity, Director Europe - Floating PV Project Development
  • Michele Tagliapietra, BayWa r.e., Head of Product Management Floating PV
  • Marie-Laure Bertet, BASF, Marketing manager – Plastic Additives
  • Fabrizio Bizzarri, Enel Green Power, Head of Solar Innovation
  • Stanislas Merlet, Multiconsult, Senior Solar PV Consultant
  • Børge Bjørneklett, Ocean Sun, CEO
  • Antonio Duarte, SolarisFloat, CEO
  • Sacha de Rijk, Deltares, Advisor freshwater ecology and water quality
  • Chas Spradbery, Peritus International, Operations Director
  • Jasper Lemmens, DNV, Senior Consultant
  • Pratheeksha Ramdas, Rystad Energy, Renewable Energy Analyst
  • William Otto, MARIN, Senior Project Manager | Offshore
  • Angela Dukic, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Associate Banker
  • Konstantin Ilgen, Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE, Group PV Power Plants
  • Jaidev Dhavle, IRENA, Associate Programme Officer – Innovation for the Energy Transition
  • Minne de Jong, TNO, Solar Applications Specialist
  • Pratikshya Prusty, Ramboll, Electrical Engineer
  • Kim De Beule, Tractebel Engie, Acceleration Manager – Offshore
  • Sika Gadzanku, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Researcher
  • Ahmed Sherif, HelioRec, R&D Engineer
  • Andrés Franco, ISIGENERE, CEO
  • Brigitte Vlaswinkel, Oceans of Energy, Head of Environment and Sustainability
  • Lars Brandt, Seaflex AB, CEO

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Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam
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