Past event: Advanced Power Electronics for EV/HEV 2023 Conference

Learn Best Practices to Optimise Power Electronics Efficiency & Range and Achieve Zero Emissions & Sustainability Goals

Power electronics is a crucial and necessary area in the development of electric and hybrid vehicles, efficiency, range, zero emissions goals and sustainability driving the selection of power electronics. A vast number of semiconductor companies are actively investing in new fabs and new silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GAN)  technologies. But at the heart of this global realignment and efficiency remains the prime goal.

As OEMs adopt powerful strategies to move forward and find products that offer high range and efficiency, the need for more reliable, efficient, and sustainable power devices and modules is continuing to grow.

Co-located with Battery Technologies for EV/HEV 2023 Conference

This year, our Advanced Power Electronics for EV/HEV 2023 conference gives the industry an event that is focused on the biggest challenges and opportunities in the power electronics space for EVs and HEVs, with an agenda focusing on solutions that people working in Power Electronics, EMC Houses, Testing and Certification, R&D, eMobility, Semiconductors, Hardware, Embedded Software, and Functional Safety are looking for, including:
  • Optimising Power Electronics Efficiency
  • New Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors
  • Power Electronics Design & Integration
  • New Packing Technology & Assembly
  • High-Speed Switching Frequency Devices & Technologies
  • On-Board Chargers
  • Thermal Management Solutions
  • Move From 400Vto 800V
  • Cyber Security & Functional Safety
  • Practical Measures to Tackle Semiconductor Shortages

Key Themes Explored in 2023

Managing Thermal Performance
  • Focus Day: 24th October, 2023
  • Discuss methods to dissipate excess energy and which thermal management products and cooling methods are proving most effective.
Achieving High Power Electronic Efficency At A Low Cost
  • Main Day 1: 25th October, 2023
  • Join this keynote presentation to find out how the automaker optimises power electronics efficiency without exponentially increasing cost.
Power Electronics Intergration
  • Main Day 2: 26th October, 2023
  • Understand the best practices in integrating different power converter systems together from the DC input to the AC Output, and what kind of power electronics topology is used to achieve optimal power density.
New Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors
  • Main Day 1 : 25th October, 2023
  • Engage in this two-part presentation looking at the efficiency and reliability of Silicon Carbide & Gallium Nitride technologies and compare semiconductor devices that are coming to market.
Bi-Directional On-Board Chargers
  • Main Day 2 : 26th October, 2023
  • Understand where the industry stands on whether on-board chargers will stay or go and what it means from a cost point of view when making it bi-directional.
Automotive Power Electronics Roadmap
  • Main Day 1: 25th October, 2023
  • Explore how far the industry has come from a power electronics point of view and access the industry's greatest challenges right now and what is predicted to become a major challenge in the next 3-5 years.

Speaker Line-up 2023

  • Mohammad Abbasi, Power Electronics Hardware Developer, Volkswagen AG
  • Madhusudan Lingarajappa, Senior Functional Safety HV Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Yusuf Osman, Vice President Engineering PS Electrification, Bosch Global Software Technologies
  • Pradip Chatterjee, Senior Principal Engineer, Nexperia
  • Heiko Jausel, Director of Engineering, eMobility, BorgWarner
  • Prajakta Joshi, Functional Safety Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Christian Bottke, System Engineer, Vitesco
  • Rafal Spustek, Applications Engineer, Parker Lord
  • Claudio Vittori, EV Specialist, S&P Global
  • André Schlott, Head of Competence Center Energy and Thermal Management, Fraunhofer IFAM
  • Simon Hart, Honorary Associate Professor in Power Conversion for Electrical Transportation, University of Nottingham
  • Prof. Dr. Marco Denk, Professor, University of Applied Sciences Coburg
  • Pau Sanchis Matoses, Senior EU Affairs & Policy Manager, EUROBAT - Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers
  • Victoria Hugill, Research Analyst, Rho Motion
  • Daisy Michelmore, Conference producer, IQPC

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