Past event: Microgrid Global innovation Forum - North America

Optimizing power resiliency and reliability, renewables integration, and cost efficiencies

The microgrid market in the U.S. reached 10 GW in the third quarter of 2022 and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 19% through 2027. In North America, microgrids as a means to achieve self-sufficiency in times of crisis or grid disconnection is a key driver, as is the desire to decarbonize the energy network while meeting the growing need for energy across all sectors. Going forward, microgrids will be a key strategy for realizing the decentralization of the energy ecosystem in the U.S. and globally. Now is the time to position your organization for success in this evolving market.

The Microgrid Global Innovation Forum - North America, December 5-6, 2023 in Chicago brings together thought leaders, utilities, energy providers, project managers and other stakeholders for focused networking and in-depth information sharing concerning the latest technological developments, design, implementation and operation of hybrid renewable energy microgrids. The emphasis is on maximizing the business case for microgrids, integration into the larger grid, and sharing real-world case studies of both grid-tied and off-grid/remote environments.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Microgrid feasibility, design, and implementation
  • Ownership models and benefits for multiple stakeholders
  • Microgrids withing EV charging infrastructure
  • Leveraging microgrids to maximize the penetration of renewables
  • Off-grid, remote, and rural use cases and advances
  • Utilizing microgrids to cope with grid outages and crisis situations
  • Utility-driven microgrids and deployment partnerships
  • Public-purpose, city-community, and commercial microgrid deployments
  • Integration of microgrids into the larger grid
  • Determining the correct technology mix for hybrid energy systems
  • Advanced battery, fuel cell, and flow battery technologies
  • Microgrid power control and performance management
  • Virtual power plants vs. microgrids
  • Regulatory and public policy developments impacting microgrids
  • Standards and interoperability issues
  • Market drivers and opportunities worldwide

Who Should Attend?

  • Microgrid project owners and developers
  • Utility and renewable energy provider professionals
  • Energy managers at municipal and C&I end user organizations
  • Power control system and software vendors
  • Battery suppliers and energy storage companies
  • Regulatory and policy development professionals
  • Researchers, analysts and academic professionals focused on sustainable energy
  • Financial and VC professionals
  • System integrators and project consultants

2023 Speakers Include:

  • Steve Pullins, Senior Vice President and CTO, AlphaStruxure
  • Marc Hoffman, CEO, Innovus Power
  • Yashar Barut, CEO and Founder, Power Market Solutions
  • Paul DeCotis, Senior Partner, Energy & Utilities, West Monroe Partners
  • Sainab Ninalowo, Senior Manager of Smart Grid - Grid Modernization, ComEd
  • Michael Graves, Lead Engineer - Engineering Solutions, Alliant Energy
  • Lee Shaver, Senior Energy Manager, Slipstream
  • Jeremy Donnell, Senior Manager/Principal, Corporate Strategy, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • Carlos Alberto Velázquez, Program Director, IREC
  • Jared Leader, Senior Director, Resilience, SEPA
  • Ben Schwartz, Policy Manager, Clean Coalition
  • Elham Akhavan, Senior Microgrid Research Analyst, Wood Mackenzie
  • Rachel Marcus, Principal Analyst, Grid Edge, Wood Mackenzie
  • Anderson Barkow, Co-Founder and CFO, BoxPower
  • Austin Cappon, Vice President of IoT Engineering and Co-Founder, New Sun Road
  • Ashkan Rahimi-Kian, Chief Technology Officer, IEMS Solutions
  • Greg Morehead, Vice President, Hardware Engineering, GridPoint
  • Patrick Shoop, Senior Manager, Advanced Energy Solutions, Ameresco
  • Joshua Goldman, Vice President, Mobility, Xendee
  • Frank Micone, Owner/Manager, Airvoltaics LLC
  • Stephen MacDonald, Founder, Energy Profit LLC

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Chicago Conference Center
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Chicago, Illinois, USA

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