Past event: Submarine Power Cable and Interconnection Forum 2023

Submarine Power Cable and Interconnection conference will focus on the cutting edge thinking that is emerging across the world to address big issues involving Submarine Power Cable fault, Cable installation and Interconnections, Power Cable design and technology. It brings together key experts from subsea community globally to discuss the current challenges in risks, cost reduction, cable technology and life extension in order to identify best practices. It will showcase real practical examples on what the industry can do to produce optimized solution across the board with regards to survey, route, engineering, manufacturing, installation, protection, and repair. Also explore new areas of innovation & techniques for cost reduction in interconnections.

The conference is gearing up to provide attendees with seminal insights for some of the hotspot topics centred on HVDC and submarine power cable for a successful operation within a digitally shifted landscape across different countries. The forum is scheduled to explore the innovative tools and techniques that have been developed as a result of the growing demand for subsea power cables and interconnection. These cables are most common to transfer electricity from renewable energy sources including wind, wave and tidal.

Findings has proven that the subsea cable market is currently increasing and extensively booming. Recent years have seen a significant increase in the use, length and capacity of submarine power cables in various sectors. In the offshore wind sector, for example, an important driver behind this increase is the transition to renewable energy resources. Any failure in such a submarine cable has a huge impact and repair costs are immense due to the inaccessible locations and specialised resources required.

With continuous developments in the offshore wind sector along with ground-breaking subsea cable technologies, submarine power cable market is poised to witness a remarkable growth over the coming years. Today, several power suppliers and governments are shifting their preferences toward renewable energy sources like offshore wind power and even oil & gas companies are adopting new procedures to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and exploit new fields. Growing number of renewable energy projects and escalating penetration across other submarine applications will offer considerable boost to submarine power cable industry outlook.

Submarine Power Cable and Interconnection Forum will bring together more than 70 senior practitioners and industry experts from across the sector to help identify and understand Submarine Installation processes and systems, Submarine Cable Failure reduction techniques, Recognizing smart solutions to subsea power cable needs and Identifying the major costs and risk reduction techniques in connection with submarine cables. These main market players will share their ideas and experience throughout the 2-day case studies, interactive plenaries, workshops, networking & experience exchange. The small-scale nature of the event, expert speakers and balanced spectrum of attending companies will ensure extensive networking and business opportunities as all attendees will have an opportunity for deep involvement and can actively participate in the discussions in order to overcome relevant challenges and have influence on the overall industry development.

The forum will offer the ideal space for networking with industry players; senior managers, decision-makers, practitioners and representatives from subsea community and exchange experience to successfully master submarine power cable & interconnection processes.

The submarine power cable and interconnection forum 2023 has been touted as a significant milestone in an effort to strengthen as well as streamline submarine power cable as well as interconnection related aspects. It is going to the second annual submarine power cable and interconnection events 2023. The event it slated to roll out for the time limit of 14th November to 15th November of 2023.

A great deal of technical stuff will be discussed in the offshore cable event 2023. For example, the discussion of the forum will revolve around interconnections, cable faults, cable designs as well as cable installation processes etc. Electricity interconnections will be a lot easier and convenient for you to avail as well as operate. Participants in the Offshore power cable conference will highlight various measures that would let you know about various aspects of the submarine power cable and interconnection facilities.

The purpose
The entire purpose of the submarine power cable and interconnection events 2023 comes to be treated as an epoch making one for sure. The focus has an impeccable role to play when it comes to the development of the clean energy resources. There is going to be another focus area of the submarine power cable and interconnection conference in Berlin Germany. It will continue to lay stress on the problem zone of the subsea communities.

Key Topics & Discussions

  • Cable survey and installation techniques
  • Cable asset health monitoring and inspection
  • Next-gen subsea routes and burial
  • Evolution of cable tech and design
  • Cable installation procedures and processes
  • Cable protection techniques
  • Enhancing submarine cable security and reliability
  • Subsea cable engineering
  • Cable failure detection and repair

Reasons to attend

  • Expand your network of top-level business contacts
  • Promote your business in Africa and internationally
  • Hear from enthusiastic speakers with powerful presentation
  • Use this exceptional platform for discussions and debates about then industry challenges
  • Benefit from our matchmaking and 1:1 meeting
  • Join our panel discussions, world cafe, interactive workshops, networking, strategic meetings and round tables discussion

Confirmed Speakers

  • Axel Barnekow Widmark, Executive Vice President, Service & Installation, NKT
  • James O’Reilly, CEO, Greenlink
  • Allan Baker, MD - Global Head of Power, Societe Generale
  • Julia Prescot, Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, Meridiam
  • Anna Farley, Director of Interconnectors Collaborative Environmental, Advisers Ltd (CEA Ltd)
  • Abhijeet Saikia, Interconnectors Director, SSE Enterprise
  • John Sinclair, Development Director - Power Transmission and Distribution, Balfour Beatty Investments
  • Kevin Rendell, Director Energy | UKIMEA, ARUP
  • Charles Grose, Survey Consultant, Wood
  • Michael Brooks, Senior Executive, 4C Offshore
  • Okon Enyenihi, Head of Interconnector Delivery, Ofgem
  • Mike McLachlan, Renewables MWS Director: Europe and London, ABL
  • Nastasya Savina, CEO, Seabed.AI
  • Rene van Kessel, Consultant, CableAbility
  • Kevin Magner, Senior Policy Manager Future Interconnections, Ofgem
  • Jack Wattel, Director Subsea Cables, N-Sea
  • Alessandro Panico, Director of Business Development, Asso Group
  • George Arvanitakis, Senior Project Manager Cables and Marine, Xlinks
  • Sean Kelly, Director Transmission Excellence
  • Andrew Norris, Director, Lloyd Warwick International (London) Ltd
  • Richard Booth, Partner, HFW
  • Etienne Rochat, CTO, Omnisens SA
  • John Davies, Director Trenching & Business Development, Helix Robotics Solutions Ltd
  • James Ombudo, Head of HVDC Engineering, National Grid
  • Gus Galle, Project Manager - Subsea Cables, OWC
  • Harry Jardin, Ground Modelling and GIS analysist, Wood
  • Professor Justin Dix, Director of Enterprise, University of Southampton
  • Chas Spradbery, Operations Director EAME, Peritus Internation
  • Peter Wellens, Specialist, Deltares
  • Vera Hengelmolen, Jr. Researcher/Advisor - Loads on Offshore Structures, Deltares
  • Bethany White, Associate, The Carbon Trust
  • Karolina Zieba, Offshore Wind Associate, The Carbon Trust
  • Colin McKinnon, Technical Director, Wood
  • Lars-André Tobaben, Project Manager, Sea Impact
  • Adrian Jelffs, Software Development Manager, Makai Ocean Engineering
  • Paolo Tedone, BD Director Offshore & EU ECOncrete

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Event details
Organizer : Leadvent
Event type : Conference
Reference : ASDE-24542