Future of RNG North America 2024 Conference

Highlighting New Opportunities in Project Growth and Investment in Renewable Natural Gas

March 20-21, 2024 - Houston, TX, United States

The Future of RNG North America 2024 is an exclusive two-day conference dedicated to the economic stability and sustainable growth of the Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) industry. It will be taking place in Houston, USA on the 20th & 21st March, 2024. Against the backdrop of global energy transition and the growing importance of decarbonization, this event promises to chart the course for the future of RNG in North America.

On Tuesday, 19th March 2024, a group of conference attendees will have an exclusive opportunity to visit the McCarty Road RNG Facility, on the outskirts of Houston. There is no extra charge to join the site visit, although places are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please confirm if you wish to attend when booking for the conference to avoid disappointment.

Please note: Site visit requests will be subject to approval from the site owner.

RNG as a Catalyst for Economic Stability:
At the heart of the conference is the recognition of RNG as a potent driver of economic stability. With its capacity to convert organic waste into a clean, green energy source, RNG has the potential to stimulate local economies, provide further product market opportunities, and enhance energy security. Experts and industry leaders will delve into case studies and success stories, showcasing how RNG projects have already revitalised the biogas world and contributed to energy independence.

Sustainable Industry Growth:

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the core focus both environmentally and economically. Speakers and panellists will explore how RNG can play a pivotal role in decarbonising the energy sector. By tapping into renewable sources of methane, RNG helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. The conference will highlight how RNG aligns with broader sustainability goals and serves as a critical element in the transition towards a low-carbon future in North America.

Innovation and Technological Advancements:
Attendees can expect deep dives into the latest technological advancements in RNG production and utilisation. From anaerobic digestion and thermal processes to biomethane upgrading techniques, the conference will provide insights into cutting-edge technologies that enhance RNG’s efficiency, scalability, and environmental performance.

Policy and Investment Insights:
Navigating the regulatory landscape and securing investment are critical components of RNG’s success. Regulatory experts will provide insights into the evolving policies surrounding RNG production and incentives for its adoption. Investors seeking opportunities in the sustainable energy sector will discover potential projects and partners, fueling the industry’s growth.

Collaboration for a Greener Future:

The conference will encourage collaboration among stakeholders from various sectors, including energy, waste management, agriculture, and government agencies. By fostering dialogue and sharing best practices, attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of the collective effort required to drive the sustainable growth of the RNG industry.

Networking and Inspiration:
Beyond the formal sessions, the conference offers facilitated networking opportunities. Attendees can connect directly with the conference speakers and other experts who share a common goal of creating a greener, more economically stable North America. The synergies generated by this diverse group promise to inspire new projects and initiatives aimed at revolutionizing the RNG landscape.

The Future of RNG North America 2024 is poised to be a catalyst for sustainable growth, economic stability, and environmental progress. By converging industry leaders, policymakers, and investors, the two-day conference is set to accelerate the transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy landscape.

Key Topics

  • Evaluating RNG’s Projected and Actual Market Growth
  • Streamlining Project Development: Financing, Construction & Operations
  • Improving Current RNG Processes and Operations
  • Overcoming Challenges in Labour Availability
  • Assessing RNG’s Role in Gas Infrastructure and Interconnections
  • State of Policy Changes and Transportation Credit Landscape for RNG
  • Maximising Opportunities in Transport and Fuel
  • Strategies to Continue Accelerated Growth of US RNG Projects
  • New Product Sectors Being Fuelled by Feedstock RNG

Who Will Attend?

  • RNG Producers
  • Landfill Owners
  • Transport Providers
  • OEMs
  • Natural Gas Suppliers
  • Project Developers
  • Biofuel Suppliers
  • Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Utility Companies
  • Digester Technology Providers
  • Renewable Energy Consultants
  • Project Investment Firms
  • Legal Associates
  • Natural Gas Vehicle Associations
  • Clean Energy Associations
  • Scientific Researchers

Confirmed Speakers

  • Michael Bakas, EVP – Distributed Systems, Ameresco
  • Chris Tynan, CEO, Burnham RNG
  • Kelsey Roste, Senior Director of Commercial Development, Monolith
  • Andy Foster, President, Aemetis
  • Ruba Ahmad, Energy Origination & Development Manager, TC Energy
  • Edward Fye, VP Engineering & Construction, Terreva Renewables
  • Christie Ings, Director RNG Engineering, Clean Energy Fuels
  • Obi Ofoegbu, VP – Engineering, AMP Americas
  • Connie Sabin, Business Development and Implementation, Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Joe Varela, Head of Technology, SW Gas
  • Shawn Kreloff, CEO, Bioenergy Devco
  • Eddie Murray, Senior Business Development Manager, Freedom CNG
  • Paul Greene, Founder, Greene Tec
  • Noah Kaye, Senior Managing Director – Global Head of Trading and Cash Equities Distribution, Oppenheimer & Co
  • Ben Finley, Project Manager, Houston-Galveston Area Council
  • Nicole Rice, President, California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition
  • Aaron Lang, Senior Associate, Foley Hoag LLP
  • David Mauney, Principal Owner, The Hunter Group

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