Space Operations 2024 Summit

Uniting Security and Innovation in Space

May 22-23, 2024 - London, United Kingdom

Space Operations Summit 2024 is the only conference to look at space both as an independent operational domain, and as an enabler for joint all-domain operations. The conference brings together space professionals and senior military leaders who depend on space to deliver results in the air, on land, and at sea by providing a platform for stakeholders to simultaneously engage with launch service providers, defence space leaders, and end-user customers. Unlike other conferences on space, the conference agenda adopts a multifaceted approach which looks to solve challenges in space through the active participation of policy makers, militaries and industries.

Space Operations Summit 2024 is as a unique and useful opportunity for industry leaders, space commands, government officials, and academics to come together to share the challenges they face and their possible solutions in order to encourage progress in the space domain. Given that a major challenge faced within the space community is how space commands can better leverage commercial capability and learn from the private sector, bringing together leaders from both space commands and industry provides the perfect opportunity to address these challenges from all angles.

The democratisation of space, a process spurred through commercial endeavor, has meant that no single authority possesses a monopoly over the domain. Thus, to prevent nefarious activity in space, it is critical that national space commands come together to meet the challenges presented by the expansion of activity in space.

Benefits of Attending

  • Improve understanding of emerging threats such as cyber and physical attacks, and hear how other operators in the space domain are overcoming these through the use of more resilient technologies and increased space domain awareness and tracking
  • Gain insight to overcome the challenges that can occur when developing critical space capabilities, including satellite communications and PNT systems, and meet with the industry leaders who are providing cutting-edge innovation to expand operations in space and solve these challenges
  • Get updated on the evolution and future trends of the space domain, enabling you to make informed decisions for space activities and safeguard against future disruption to operations
  • Examine space not only as an operational domain, but also as an enabler for operations in all other domains, which will lead to improved interoperability and readiness of personnel due to the augmented capability this offers
  • Create meaningful dialogues with allies and senior military leaders, which will lead to shared learning and innovation of future space operations

Great venue to hear from so many senior leaders from multiple countries and organizations. The information that most of the speakers had to present was very informative and relevant to me

Joel Rousey – Parsons Program Manager

"It was a valuable experience in terms of new knowledge related to space operations, technology advances, the challenges and risks present in the operational environment, the recognition of resilience as a factor to Space Operations, as well as (providing the) networking necessary to build a space community to handle education and space situational awareness. "

Brigadier General Eliot Benavidez Gonzalez, Chief of Aeronautical Education, Colombian Air Force

Our 2024 Chairman

  • Dr. Mark Brady, Chief Data Officer (Retd.), US Space Force


  • Lieutenant General DeAnna Burt, Deputy Chief of Space Operations for Operations, Cyber, and Nuclear, US Space Force
  • Major General Michael Traut, Commander, German Space Command, German Air Force
  • Brigadier General Davide Cipelletti, Chief of Space General Office, Italian Defence Staff
  • Brigadier General Friedrich Teichmann, Director, Geospatial Institute, Austrian Armed Forces
  • Group Captain John Hetherington, Head of Enablement, UK Space Command
  • Colonel Marcin Mazur, Vice President, Polish Space Agency
  • Colonel Ludovic Monnerat, Head of Space Domain, Swiss Armed Forces
  • Lieutenant Colonel Pedro Costa, Defence Liaison Officer, Portuguese Space Agency
  • John Cannaday, Director of the Office of Procurement, Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA
  • John Steinmeyer, Executive Director, Assured Access to Space, US Space Force, Space Systems Command
  • Matthew Archer, Director of Launch, UK Space Agency
  • Henny Sands, Head of Telecommunications, UK Space Agency
  • Mr. Jason Gnaneswaran, Senior Responsible Owner, Skynet 6, UK Strategic Command
  • Flavio Giudice, Space Subject Matter Expert, NCIA
  • Dr. Eliahu Niewood, Vice President, Air and Space Forces, MITRE
  • James Black, European Lead for RAND Space Enterprise, RAND Corporation
  • Juliana Suess, Research Analyst and Policy Lead for Space Security, RUSI
  • Clinton Clark, Vice President of First Impressions, ExoAnalytic Solutions
  • Belen Andres PhD, European Director of Business Development, Kepler Communications
  • Moataz AbdelAzim, Director of Sales, EMEA, LeoLabs
  • Chris Gates, Technical Director, LeoLabs
  • Stella Guillen, Chief Commercial Officer, ISAR Aerospace
  • Melissa Quinn, General Manager, Slingshot Aerospace

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