Nuclear Decommissioning & Waste Management Summit 2024

April 3-4, 2024 - London, United Kingdom

The 10th Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management Summit will be taking place in London, UK, on 3rd & 4th April 2024.

The two day event will bring together senior executives and key industry stakeholders from Energy Providers, Plant Owners & Operators, Industry Consultants & Experts, Lawyers, Purchasing and Procurement Management Professionals, Nuclear Regulators, Nuclear Technology Companies, Industry Investors, Asset Management Companies, Nuclear Engineers and Safety Inspectors, Decommissioning Managers, Waste Management Companies, Governmental Representatives & Policy Makers, Radiation and Health Protection Agencies, Packaging & Transportation Officials, Academic Institutions, Research Organisations and Market Analysts.

The event will provide attendees with excellent opportunities to learn from high profile speakers, sharing their knowledge and expertise on overcoming the current challenges surrounding the decommissioning process of nuclear power plants and radioactive waste management.

You will also have the chance to network with industry leaders from across the entire value chain, to determine the opportunities and challenges arising in the nuclear decommissioning sector, whilst also discovering the latest technologies and solutions that facilitate the treatment, storage and management of radioactive waste.

Join us this year at the 10th Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management Summit to discuss key topics and the latest developments in the essential areas of nuclear power plant decommissioning and radioactive waste management.

Key Topics

  • Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management Market Overview
  • Improving Public Engagement and Understanding
  • Building on the UK Industry’s Strengths and Becoming a Global Leader in Decommissioning
  • Changes Needed in the Industry to Build on Current Success – Panel Discussion
  • Plant Owner’s Perspective
  • Regulation Updates and Effects on the Industry
  • Plans for Geological Disposal Facilities
  • Challenges Faced in Decommissioning and Waste Management
  • Labour Issues in Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management – Attracting and Keeping Talent
  • Improving Cooperation in the Industry
  • The Future of the Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management Industry

Who Will Attend

  • Energy Providers
  • Plant Owners & Operators
  • Industry Consultants & Experts
  • Lawyers, Purchasing and Procurement Management Professionals
  • Nuclear Regulators
  • Nuclear Technology Companies
  • Industry Investors
  • Asset Management Companies
  • Nuclear Engineers and Safety Inspectors
  • Decommissioning Managers
  • Waste Management Companies
  • Governmental Representatives & Policy Makers
  • Radiation and health protection agencies
  • Packaging & Transportation Officials
  • Academic Institutions
  • Research Organisations
  • Market Analysts


  • Jennifer Ash, Lead in Radioactive Discharges and Impacts, EDF
  • Olivia Thompson, Director of Strategic Capability, Nuclear Innovation Research Office (NIRO)
  • Claudia Gasparrini, Nuclear Materials | Academic Visitor Department of Materials and Centre for Nuclear Engineering, Imperial College London
  • Marina Sokcic Kostic, Principal Engineer and Technical Project Manager, NUKEM Technologies
  • Senior Representative, Uniper
  • Ivana Davidova, Senior Specialist In Decommissioning, CEZ Group
  • Aaron Erim, Programme Lead – Recycling, Decommissioning and Waste, World Nuclear Association
  • Markus Airila, Principal Scientist, Senior Project Manager, VTT
  • Nicholas Gould, Partner, Fenwick Elliott
  • Daniel Delort, Head of International Affairs, Andra
  • Petra Schreiner, Senior EHSSQ Manager, Independent Consultant
  • William Roberts, Consulting Director, Decommology
  • Jeremy Andrew, Laboratory Manager, Dounreay Site Restoration

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Event details
Organizer :ACI
Event type :Conference
Attendance :Physical Event
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