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Future Artillery 2013 Conference

20 March, 2013 - 22 March, 2013, London, United Kingdom

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Our flagship Future Artillery conference annually welcomes over 200 leading artillery personnel and industry experts from 25+ countries to London. The event is widely regarded as the most influential indirect fires conference in the world, providing an unrivalled platform for Heads of Artillery, Programme Managers and Industry experts to engage in candid debate on the latest technological developments, operational feedback and future vision across the in-direct fires community.

The 2013 conference comes at an important time for Artillery. The changing character of conflict is raising questions about the future use of artillery, technological advances in precision are revolutionising artillery capability, strained budgets are prompting a fresh look at-- and radical overhaul of -- existing force structures, and the push towards networked capabilities is raising new possibilities and potential vulnerabilities.

The 2013 conference seeks to:

  • Generate and disseminate knowledge within the international artillery community
  • Elaborate on the rationale and justification for the use of artillery from the perspective of multiple national military environments
  • Deliver unique operational perspectives at a time when many nations are seeking to understand future operating environments
  • Provide knowledge and the ideal learning environment for military procurement chiefs to make informed and balanced future investment decisions
  • Raise questions and generate debate on the use of artillery and artillery’s role within the wider surface-to-surface fires picture
  • Be the perfect platform for industry to inform the international artillery community on exciting capability developments

Top 10 reasons not to miss Future Artillery:

  • Widely known as the annual must-attend for a valuable two-way information exchange between artillery end users, Programme Mangers and industry, giving you an unrivalled view of the future direction of the artillery
  • Take away strategic analysis of the evolving threat spectrum to evaluate potential capability gaps and ensure you are investing resources effectively to meet immediate and long-term requirements
  • Engage with fellow artillery experts, build new partnerships and gain useful contacts to accelerate and drive innovation into your programmes
  • Benefit from 3 days dedicated specifically to indirect fires for an exclusive and intimate networking experience enabling you to nurture old and new relationships alike
  • Capitalise on brand new round-table discussions to engage in candid debate and get to the heart of key issues impacting the artillery, whilst informally networking with international delegations
  • Interact with a truly international delegation of leading artillery figures drawn from 30+ nations including UK, US, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Philippines, Indonesia, Chile
  • Receive first-hand insight into the latest lessons learned in operations to assess how Artillery Leaders are likely to structure their modernisation priorities over the immediate, medium and long-term future
  • Benefit from a balanced agenda with limited vendor presentations to ensure you maximise your time spent at the conference with senior International Artillery Officers
  • Discover the latest technological solutions for indirect fires weapons, munitions, targeting systems and radars enabling you to be certain you are providing your troops with the highest level of affordable capability
  • Hear from decision makers on their future strategy for artillery modernisation alongside specialist briefings on Forward Observers, Joint Fires, ISTAR, Precision Munitions and Future Lightweight Firepower

Pre-Conference Focus Day – Wednesday 20th March, 2013

    Acquiring increased levels of precision remains the key priority for artillery forces globally. Precision capability has brought the most revolutionary development to artillery since the development of recoil systems in the latter years of the 1880's. The ability to deliver pinpoint effect yields strategic advantage reduces the risk of unmasking and increases survivability. Incorporating this capability effectively, sustainably and through balanced investment decision remains a critical priority.
    Precision munitions – without a responsive and accurate system to geo-locate targets and relay that information to the guns – are an expensive way to accurately hit the wrong target. The advent of precision has seen a parallel rise in sophisticated technology, equipment and TTPs to swiftly and accurately deliver information that enables precision munitions to deliver terminal effect.

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Venue & Accommodations

Radisson Blu Portman
22 Portman Squre
London W1H7BG
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)20 7208 6000
Tel: +44(0)20 7208 6001

Travel and accommodation are not included in the conference fee; however we have put together a HotelMap that displays discounted accommodation for hotels in the area near to the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel. The map displays live availability and allows you to book directly with each hotel, including the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel:

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The conference agenda is available as PDF under downloads.

Senior International Speakers

  • Lieutenant General Rhett Hernandez, Commanding General, US Army Cyber Command, U.S. Army
  • Major General Juan Carlos Orozco, Commander, 6th Divisional Artillery and Project Manager - Field Artillery Modernisation Programme, Brazilian Army
  • Major General José Julio Dias Barreto, Project Manager - Astros 2020 Programme, Brazilian Army
  • Major General Andriy Kolennikov, Chief of Army Artillery, Ukrainian Army Command
  • Brigadier Ian Harrison, Director Capability Combat Support, British Army HQ
  • Brigadier General Brian McKiernan, Commandant, Fires Center of Excellence, Fort Sill, U.S. Army
  • Brigadier General John McGuiness, Program Executive Officer, PEO Ammunition, US Army
  • Brigadier General Heribert Hupka, Commander of the Artillery School, German Army
  • Brigadier General Jaroslaw Wierzcholski, Commander of Missile and Artillery Forces, Polish Army
  • Brigadier General Giovanni Pintus, Artillery School Commander, Italian Army
  • Colonel John Musgrave, Deputy Capability Combat Support, HQ Director Royal Artillery, British Army
  • Colonel Fiepko Koolman, Director of Future Requirements, Artillery School, German Army
  • Colonel Tracy Banister, Commander, 210th Fires Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, U.S. Army
  • Colonel Douglas Thomas, Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Artillery Detachment to Fort Sill USMC
  • Colonel Gary Stephens, Project Manager, Precision Fires, Rocket and Missile Systems, US Army
  • Colonel Aureliusz Chylenski, Commander Artillery School, Polish Army
  • Colonel Birger Mejlholm, Artillery Regiment Director, Danish Artillery Regiment
  • Colonel Gilles Randreau, 61e Régiment d’Artillerie, French Army
  • Colonel Yves Lévêque, Chair, NATO Integrated Capability Group on Indirect Fires, French Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Stephane Masson, Deputy Commander of Artillery, Canadian Forces
  • Lieutenant Colonel Simon West, Head of Land DCDC, UK MoD
  • Lieutenant Colonel Tim Wood, RA SO1 Joint Fires/RANGSO, Navy Command Headquarter
  • Lieutenant Colonel Valério Luiz Lange, Project Supervisor - Astros 2020 Programme, Brazilian Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Cyril Mathias, Chief, Capability Branch, French Army Artillery, French Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Alexis Uhrich, Fire Control and Forward Observer Coordinator, French Army HQ
  • Lieutenant Colonel Rienk Sijbrandi, Artillery School / Land Requirements, MINDEF Netherlands
  • Major Dwayne Hynes, Future Artillery Threat Integration Staff Officer, Office of the Chief of Staff for Intelligence, US Army
  • Major Roar Wold, Head of Simulation and Educational Support, Norwegian Army Academy
  • Major Thierry Japiot, Chief, Operational Platoon, 40e Régiment d’Artillerie, French Army
  • Dr Jongtai Hong, Ammunition & warhead Department, Agency for Defense Development (ADD)
  • Ola Hamner, Senior Aeronautical Engineer FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency
  • Mr George Prudat, Joint Fires Support Technical Demonstration Program Lead, Canadian Forces Experimentation Centre
  • Dr John O'Neill, Coalition Attack Guidance Experiment, DSTO
  • Kristian van Drimmelen, Programme manager, Protection, Munitions and weapons, TNO
  • Hans Øiom, Senior Munitions Safety Expert, Norweigian MoD
  • Dr Michael W. Sharp, Munitions Systems, NATO MSIAC
  • Peter Sapaty, Director of Distributed Simulation and Control, Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems, National Academy of Sciences - Ukraine
  • Brigadier (ret'd) Ben Barry OBE, Senior Fellow Land Warfare, Defence and Military Analysis Programme, The International Institute of Strategic Studies
  • Dr. Thomas Kuhn, Head of Guidance Systems, Diehl BGT Defence GmbH
  • Bob Preedy, Global Combat Systems Head, BAE Systems
  • Evelyne Montet, Artillery Systems Business Manager, Nexter
  • Scott Arnold, VP Precision Fires, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Shane Cohen, Marketing Director, Elbit Systems
  • Bård Frostad, Director Business Development, Saab AB

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Event details

Defence IQ
20 March, 2013
22 March, 2013
Radisson Blu Portman
United Kingdom


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