US Biostimulants Summit 2024

Elevating Agricultire: Uniting Innovations for Sustainable Growth at the US Biostimulants Summit

July 10-11, 2024 - St. Louis, MO, United States

US Biostimulants Summit 2024 that is due to take place on the 10th - 11th July 2024 is a ground-breaking event in the agricultural sphere, promises to be a nexus of knowledge, innovation, and collaboration. Set against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving agricultural landscape, this summit seeks to bring together researchers, industry leaders, farmers, and policymakers to explore the multifaceted world of biostimulants, aiming to redefine sustainable agricultural practices.

This summit will kick off with an in-depth exploration of biostimulants, a category of agricultural inputs gaining increased attention for their potential to enhance crop productivity and resilience. From organic compounds to microorganisms, speakers will delve into the diverse range of products available, highlighting their mechanisms of action and their impact on plant growth and development.

Key Toppics

  • US Biostimulants Market Overview
  • Policy and Regulations
  • Verifying the Legitimacy and Credibility of Biostimulants Products
  • Past, Present and Future on Biostimulants
  • Bridging the Gap through Strategic Communication with Target Audiences
  • Technological Developments in Biostimulants for Agricultural Innovation
  • Navigating Future Pathways in Biostimulants Distribution Channels for Agricultural Success
  • Advancing Sustainability in Biostimulants for Future Agriculture
  • Unveiling the Latest Scientific Developments for Sustainable Agriculture

Who Will Attend?

  • Plant health, nutrition and physiology specialists
  • Agriculture and enhancement experts
  • Specialty plant nutrition and biostimulants manufacturers
  • Government and policy agencies
  • Distributors and investors
  • Biostimulants producers and feedstock suppliers
  • R&D and scientists, trade associations

2023 Speakers Included

  • Robert Cannings, Head of Agri Sciences Biologicals, Agri Sciences
  • Chuansheng Mei, Chief Scientist, Instititute for Advanced Learning and Research
  • Franck Hennequart, Director for Research & Innovation, Algaia S.A
  • David Chin, Vice President Corporate Compliance, Monty‚Äôs Plant Food
  • Keith Matthews, Attorney, Wiley Rein
  • Barbara Auer, Sales Director Betaine, Agrana
  • Michael D Rethwisch, Farm Advisor Crop Production & Entomology, University of California
  • David Hiltz, Director, Regulatory Affairs & Technology, Acadian Plant Health
  • Sarah Healy, Market Research, Status Ag Research
  • Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO, BioConsorta
  • Kuide Qin, Chief Scientific Officer, Verdesian Life Science
  • Gustavo Sosa, Founder, Inbioar Global
  • Sharad Singhania, Senior Vice President, PJ Margo
  • Luke Davidson, Founder, Abundigro
  • Lyndon W. Smith, CEO, Bio Huma Netics Inc
  • Shawn Semones PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Anuvia Ola
  • David Lewis Vawter Lee, Managing Director, Haifa North America
  • Scott Gibson , CEO, Quercus Agroforestry
  • Patrick Doyle, VP, Product Development and Regulatory, Plant Health Care

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