Hypersonic Innovation Conference 2024

May 7-8, 2024 - Dayton, OH, United States

The 3rd Annual Hypersonic Innovation Conference is America's official hypersonics event, featuring many Senior military leaders, acquisition authorities, & technical experts from across industry & academia. This "town-hall" style forum will offer attendees from military, government, industry, and academia a wide range of next-generation products and services that are enabling the U.S. military to design, test, manufacture, and scale hypersonic missiles in an era of Strategic Competition. Senior leaders at this event will address how the DoD is working to rapidly field innovative capabilities & strengthen the supply chains of strategic systems to keep pace with the evolving threat of hypersonic weapons.  

Hypersonic weapons, which are developed and engineered to fly faster than Mach 5, be highly maneuverable against enemy air defenses, and able to attack time-sensitive targets - are and continue to be a critical technology area for the Pentagon as U.S. military services try to match rapidly modernizing adversaries. Speakers from across the DoD will stress how building & defending against hypersonic weapons will be vital to preserving national security & ensuring Warfighters have the capabilities needed to win in the multi-domain battlespace.

Conference Highlights

  • 750+ Senior-Level Attendees
  • 40+ Sponsors & Exhibitors
  • 25+ Speaker Sessions
  • 8+ Hours Of Networking

2024 Key Topics of Discussion Include:

  • Addressing hypersonics as an urgent DoD priority: Developing the next generation of game-changing weapons to keep pace with U.S. adversaries & preserve national security
  • Building on an integrated deterrence strategy that adapts strategic capabilities and keeps pace with evolving global threats such as hypersonic weapons
  • Fielding Army's Dark Eagle hypersonic missile to maximize Warfighter capabilities to deploy, fight, & win on future battlefields
  • Driving the future of S&T across U.S. Air & Space Forces: Adopting a risk-tolerant approach to integrating hypersonic technologies in the multi-domain battlespace
  • Advancing USN hypersonic expansion initiatives to keep pace with increasingly modernized adversaries
  • Bolstering hypersonic RDT&E to support overall Warfighter needs
  • Utilizing disruptive technology maturation to enhance the missile defense system & further develop hypersonic & ballistic capabilities

Why You Should Attend:

The FY 2024 budget proposal includes $29.8 billion for missile defense; $11 billion for hypersonic weapons and other long-range missiles as the Pentagon continues to boost spending on the development of hypersonic weapons to keep pace with near peer adversaries. As a result, Congress more than doubled authorized spending for hypersonic defense in fiscal year 2024, directing an accelerated development and fielding plan for the Glide Phase Interceptor, and other hypersonic missile defense efforts. This joint service event provides an opportunity for military, government & industry professionals alike to connect, collaborate, & develop a strategy toward enhancing hypersonic capability & development. It will also offer insight into how senior leaders will address the importance of adopting a risk-tolerant approach when integrating hypersonic technologies.

Addressing hypersonics as an urgent DoD priority has become an imperative as America's adversaries continue to rapidly expand their hypersonic weapons programs. There have been increased investments into new air & ground test capabilities to keep pace with hypersonic program development. Attendees at this event will have the chance to hear about current partnerships underway between DoD, commercial industry, academia, & international partners to utilize disruptive technology maturation to enhance the missile defense & further develop hypersonic and ballistic capabilities. This event will include updates on the DoD's National Hypersonic Initiative 2.0, the Conventional Prompt Strike hypersonic weapon program (CPS), Dark Eagle Hypersonic Missile or Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW), as well as detail how the JHTO is working to help advance global hypersonics-related S&T, talent, and technology transition.

In addition, there will be several panels featured at this event; one of which will offer attendees a deep dive into multi orbital sensing for hypersonic missile defense. Another panel will delve into how the DoD is working with academia and industry to bolster hypersonic research, development, test, & evaluation efforts.

Event open to US Citizens ONLY. Contractors are considered Industry for registration purposes. CLOSED TO PRESS.

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2024 Speakers Include:

  • Gen Anthony J. Cotton, USAF, Commander, USSTRATCOM
  • HON Nickolas Guertin , Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition
  • Dr. James Weber, ST, Principal Director, Hypersonics, OUSD (R&E)
  • VADM John B. Skillman, USN, DCNO for Integration of Capabilities and Resources, OPNAV N8
  • Brig Gen Derek O’Malley, USAF, Deputy Director of Operations, Headquarters North American Aerospace Defense Command
  • Dr. Shari Feth, SES, Director Innovation, Science & Technology,  Missile Defense Agency
  • Dale Sisson, SES, Technical Director, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD)
  • Arthur Huber II, SES, Deputy Director of the Air, Space and Cyberspace Operations Directorate, HQ Air Force Materiel Command
  • Dr. Angela D. Lewis, SES, Technical Director, NSWC Crane
  • Dr. James Weber, ST, Principal Director, Hypersonics, OUSD (R&E)
  • Jay Dryer, Director, Strategic Capabilities Office, DoD
  • CAPT Greg Zettler, USN , Conventional Prompt Strike Program Manager, Strategic Systems Programs
  • Col Ariel Batungbacal, USAF, Commander, National Air and Space Intelligence Center
  • COL Alexander Rasmussen, USA, Chief of the Tracking Layer, Space Development Agency
  • Chris Mills, Deputy Director, Army Hypersonic Project Office, Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office
  • Rachel Hickman, Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site (RTS) Test Resources, Division Chief, U.S. Army SMDC

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Dayton Convention Center
22 E 5th St, 45402
Dayton, OH, USA

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