Egypt International Airshow 2024

The Gateway to Aerospace in Africa & The Middle East

September 3-5, 2024 - El Alamein, Egypt

Egypt International Airshow is set to launch on 2-5 September 2024 at El Alamein International Airport.

Spearheaded by the Egyptian Ministry of Defence, Egyptian Air Force, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Egyptian Space Agency, and EgyptAir, the 4-day event aims to accelerate industrialisation, digitalisation, and globalisation in the defence, space, and commercial aviation sectors in Africa and the Middle East.

The show will feature aircraft displays, cutting-edge conferences, and an exhibition of innovative aerospace products and services. Don't miss the chance to shape the future of aerospace in Africa and beyond; book your space now and expand your business in the region.


The military and defence sector plays a crucial role in safeguarding nations, ensuring global security, and maintaining peace.

Air forces possess unique capabilities that enable rapid response, long-range operations, and strategic dominance in the skies.

At Egypt International Airshow, viewers can witness the awe-inspiring displays of aerial prowess, cutting-edge fighter jets, and sophisticated air defence systems that demonstrate the immense power and capabilities of air forces worldwide.


Space plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of aerospace. It serves as a gateway to technological advancements, innovation, and scientific discovery.

The aerospace industry heavily relies on space exploration to push the boundaries of human capabilities, revolutionize transportation systems, and develop cutting-edge technologies. From satellite communications and global positioning systems to space tourism and planetary exploration, the possibilities seem limitless.

Egypt International Airshow will showcase pioneering companies working at the forefront of the space industry.


Commercial aviation is an integral part of our interconnected world, driving economic growth, connecting people, and facilitating global trade.

It serves as a vital lifeline, bridging continents and cultures, enabling seamless travel and fostering international relations. Commercial aviation fuels tourism, drives business opportunities, and promotes cultural exchange.

At Egypt International Airshow, attendees can witness the cutting-edge technologies, innovative aircraft designs, and groundbreaking initiatives that continue to shape the future of commercial aviation, ensuring safe, efficient, and sustainable air travel for generations to come.

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El Alamain International Airport
El Alamein, Egypt