The Space Logistics Conference

The International Forum Dedicated to Services in Space for Space.

September 26-27, 2024 - Arlington, VA, United States

Your Opportunity To Shape The Future Of Services In Space For Space

The Space Logistics Industry is on track to generate $21 Billion by 2040, 20% of the total revenue of the space economy.

We have closely followed the progress of the field for three decades and it's clear the community is
standing on the precipice of a new era. The Space Logistics Conference is the only event which will bring together the vital stakeholders who are charting the future of the orbital ecosystem in one place, with a distinct focus on government policy, regulation and partnership opportunities that you will not find elsewhere.

This is your chance to connect with these leaders, learn about successes as well as challenges and shape the way ahead.

Orbital technology is going to radically alter the space environment. Satellites are going to be refuelled and repaired, or have their orbits shifted and access to space will be more reliable and affordable. A wide-ranging logistics architecture is going to be established to enable exploration from the Moon to Mars, as well as deeper into the solar system. Closer to Earth, a robust cargo transfer network is going to be vital for manufacturing cutting edge technology in orbit. These topics are the foundation of The Space Logistics Conference.

The countdown has started, join us on the launch pad of the future space economy

How will The Space Logistics Conference Look?

  • 25+ plenary presenations from leading experts in the field giving you exclusive knowledge and inspiration. Sharing insights on vital topics such as movement of cargo, last-mile delivery, payload hosting, propulsion, sustainability, servicing and how best to work with government partners.
  • Dedicated networking time where you can connect, share experiences, discuss common issues, and work together towards industry goals with top-tier experts, all gathered in one place at one time.
  • A bustling exhibition space with stands from key companies in the field, ready to share and explore the latest tech and innovations.
  • A chance to hear the holistic view of NASA technoloy and policy through a wideranging list of subject matter experts and senior leaders.
  • 150+ representatives from all the key institutions in the field of Space Logistics.

What Sets Us Apart?

Imagine being at the center of the conversation around the future of Space Logistics, surrounded by key players driving developments. Our event, unlike any other, brings together entities from the:
  • Commercial Space Flight Federation
  • NASA
  • Purdue University
  • Satellite Industry Association
  • The FCC
  • The Georgia Institute of Technology
  • The Space Infrastructure Foundation
  • The UK Space Agency
  • The White House Office of Science & Technology Policy
The conference will offer you a unique opportunity to actively shape the discourse.

Don't miss out - this is your exclusive opportunity to stay at the forefront of Space Logistics. Be part of the first instalment of this groundbreaking event. Make history with your community and enhance your programs to remain a step ahead!

Cultivate indispensable connections that may serve as the driving force behind your next significant breakthrough!

Featured Speakers

  • Brian Lagana, Executive Director, The Consortium for Execution of Rendezvous and Servicing Operations (CONFERS)
  • Greg Richardson, Executive Director, The Consortium for Space Mobility and ISAM Capabilities (COSMIC)
  • Andrew Ratcliffe, Chief Engineer, UK Space Agency
  • Arthur Grijalva, Director, SpaceWERX
  • Dr Erica Rodgers, Director of Advanced Programs, NASA’s Office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy
  • Dr Glen Henshaw, Senior Scientist for Robotics and Autonomous Systems, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
  • Dr Jeffrey D. Smith, Deep Space Logistics Enterprise Strategic Manager, NASA, Gateway Program
  • Dr Jinni Meehan, Assistant Director for Space Policy, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • Dr Oliver de Weck, Apollo Program Professor of Astronautics, Professor of Engineering Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Dr Rolf Densing, Director of Operations and Head, European Space Operations Centre
  • Jason Kessler, Program Executive, Small Business Innovation Research & Small Business Technology Transfer Programs, NASA
  • Jill McGuire, Associate Director for the Exploration and In-Space Services ExIS Projects Division, NASA
  • John Dankanich, In-Space Transportation Capability Lead, NASA
  • Angela Krenn, Technical Integration Lead and Surface Systems Principal Technologist, NASA, Space Technology Mission Directorate
  • Bo Naasz, Senior Technical Lead for ISAM and RPOC System Capability Leadership Team, NASA
  • Chad Thrasher, Interoperability Lead for Moon to Mars, Systems Engineering and Integration, NASA
  • Deborah Tomek, Senior Technical Advisor and Strategist Space Infrastructure, NASA
  • Dr Julia Cline, Research Aerospace Engineer, NASA Langley Research Center
  • Dr Seth Lacy, Senior Scientist, Space Mobility and Precision Maneuver, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • John Mankins, Dean of Department of Space Commercialization and Entrepreneurship, Kepler Space Institute
  • John Nelson, Deputy Program Executive, NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts NIAC, Center Innovation Fund CIF, and Early Career Initiative ECI, NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate
  • Lee Pagel, Program Specialist, Commercial Spaceflight Division, NASA Headquarters
  • Stephen Duall, Associate Chief, Space Bureau, Federal Communications Commission
  • Ajay Malshe, Director, Manufacturing and Materials Research Laboratories
  • Curtis Hill, Principal Investigator, On Demand Manufacturing of Electronics, Subject Matter Expert, In Space Manufacturing, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
  • David Logsdon, Senior Director, Space Policy, ITI Space Enterprise Council
  • Dr John Roth, Director, John Olson Advanced Manufacturing Center
  • Dr Koki Ho, Director, Space Systems Optimization Group
  • Frederick Slane, Executive Director, Space Infrastructure Foundation
  • John Reed, Leader, Cislunar Infrastructure and Operations Task Force, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Tom Stroup, President, Satellite Industry Association
  • Dr Robert Antypas, Space, Access, Mobility, and Logistics Mission Area Lead, Air Force Research Laboratory

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Hilton Arlington
950 North Stafford Street,
Arlington, Virginia, USA

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