Simulation, Testing & Validation for Automated Driving 2024 Conference

L2, L2+, L3 & Beyond

September 10-12, 2024 - Stuttgart, Germany

Addressing the Current Trend of L2, L2+ and L3 & Making Jump from L3 to L4 and L5

Autonomy is being described as one of the 'driving forces' and 'battlegrounds' of automotive transformation. However, while no vehicle manufacturer is looking for a completely automated solution, the industry is facing several major challenges; simulation, testing, validation, and homologation are top of the list.

The big effort and real value for all major players is in level 2, level 2+ and gradually moving towards level 3 automated functionalities; the industry is gaining a lot of traction and getting closer to real business applications. Car manufacturers are deploying partially automated functions like lane-keep and highway-assist functionalities as premium differentiators while trying to build the confidence of customers that want to use them.

Tackling vital automated driving challenges, the Simulation, Testing & Validation for Automated Driving 2024 conference comes to Germany focusing on the full lifecycle and a holistic view on bringing automated driving features to the street. Concentrating mainly on the current trend of L2, L2+ and L3, the event dedicates a portion of discussions to making the jump from L3 to L4, and L5.

Key Themes Explored at the Simulation, Validation & Testing for Automated Driving Conference

  • Validation & Homologation - Find out how to deal with the entire Verification & Validation process for ADAS and automated driving, revealing details on methods and tools for efficient V&V, and learn everything you need to know to homologate systems.
  • Simulation & Sensing Technologies - Examine the latest innovations in & capabilities of simulation and sensing technologies that are increasing safety and maximising performance of the final automated driving system.
  • Virtual Testing - Take a deep dive into virtual testing, and learn how to leverage virtual testing to reduce the validation effort for automated driving at level 2, 2+, 3 and beyond.

2024 Agenda Highlights

  • Focus On Simulation, Testing & Validation - Take a deep dive into the biggest topics of discussion right now, including simulation, virtual testing, scenario-based testing & validation.
  • Innovations In Sensors & Perception - Discover innovations in & capabilities of sensors and perception for better detection and safety in all conditions.
  • Deep Dive Into Homologation - Learn everything you need to know to homologate systems and achieve certifications for all levels of autonomy and in all categories.
  • Learn How To Develop & Deploy AD Features - Learn how to develop, test, and deploy specific automated driving functionalities as a differentiator and value-add for the customer.
  • Discover New Technologies - Hear about new technologies from companies that are truly at the forefront of delivering solutions to advance new levels of autonomy.

2024 Speaker Line-up

  • Daniel Frylmark, Solution Manager Autonomous Systems, Scania Group
  • Alejandro Morate, Director - Autonomous Drive, Zeekr Technology Europe
  • Javier Ibanez, Technical Manager, Autonomous Vehicles, Groupe Renault
  • Juan Jose Filgueira Guimerans, Senior ADAS Validation Engineer, Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH
  • David Sondell, Principal Engineer - Product Owner Data Analytics, Volvo Group
  • Jayesh Jain, Vehicle System Simulation Engineer, Iveco Group
  • Ahmed Yousif, Simulation Product Owner, Valeo
  • Keilatt Andriantavison, Innovation Technical Leader, Valeo
  • Mohamed Elsobky, Software Testing & Simulation Senior Expert and Software Discipline Product Technical Manager, Valeo
  • Christoph Funda, Team Lead R&D Test Systems, ZF Group
  • Robert D√§mbkes, Expert HiL Testsystems, ZF Group
  • Ralph Grewe, Product Manager Perception, Continental AG
  • Espedito Rusciano, Programme Manager - Scientific Research, European Commission Joint Research Centre
  • Saber Fallah PhD, Associate Professor and the Director of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Lab (CAV-Lab), University of Surrey
  • Simeon Calvert, Associate Professor, Director Automated Driving & Simulation Research, TU Delft
  • Danilo da Costa Ribeiro, System Safety Manager, Continental AG
  • Vignesh Mahalingam, Lead Engineer, Bosch
  • Sneha Shetiya, Staff Software Engineer, Torc Robotics
  • Tobias Braun, Safety Engineer and Safety Validation Expert, Fraunhofer IESE
  • Valentina Donzella, Professor, Head of Intelligent Vehicles - Sensors, WMG, University of Warwick

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