eVTOL Technology USA 2024 Conference

Driving the Safe Integration of eVTOL Platforms into the National Airspace

October 28-29, 2024 - Arlington, VA, United States

Driving the Safe Integration of eVTOL Platforms into the National Airspace

As one of the latest innovations in aviation and transportation technology, eVTOLs are instrumental in a new movement toward Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), both in their operational usage for passenger movement, as well as cargo transport between urban, suburban and rural areas. With the potential to encompass the future of vertical flight, eVTOLs represent the next frontier in air travel, and as such, it is crucial to bring together the AAM community to discuss the latest developments and opportunities in the field, and contribute towards the safe and efficient integration of future eVTOLs.

Drawing on knowledge shared by leading eVTOL experts from key US, and International organizations, eVTOL Technology USA will facilitate fruitful discussions on eVTOL priorities, challenges and solutions in its entirety, offering a truly holistic agenda with a wide-range of presentations seeking to enable the community to access the latest design, innovation and certification developments in the sector.

This conference will be a catalyst to furthering these internationally important topics, promoting dedicated discussions, networking and passing knowledge to enhance the approach, analysis, and solutions to enable the safe integration of eVTOLs in the US and International airspace.

How will you benefit from attending?

  • A unique focus on both the civil and militarysectors, capturing a holistic view of the current challenges and opportunities across the entire eVTOL ecosystem
  • Access exclusive insights into the latest standardization, certification, and policy efforts driving the integration of eVTOL aircrafts
  • Meet and network with senior leaders at the forefront of eVTOL development and integration
  • Forge collaboration with the key stakeholders within the eVTOL community - all in one place

Why is eVTOL the Future of Aviation?

  • Versatile and cost-effective alternative to conventional aircrafts
  • Low carbon emissions
  • Efficient aerial transportation for passengers and cargo in both urban and rural areas
  • Safety focused design
  • Unique advantages for military applications

Featured Speakers

  • Andy McIntyre, Future Capability Group Army/Navy Team Leader, UK MoD
  • Brett Fay, Vice President of General Aviation, Tampa International Airport
  • Christopher Oswald, Senior Vice President, Safety and Regulatory Affairs, Airports Council International - North America
  • Colonel (Ret.) Dawn Zoldi, Founder and CEO, P3 Tech Consulting
  • Colonel Charles "Tron" McMullen, Deputy Director, Global Reach, US Air Force
  • Daniel Elgas, Director of the Policy & Standards Division, FAA Aircraft Certification Service
  • David Dunning, Director Global Innovation and Policy, General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA)
  • David Franks, Standards Specialist Engineer, Aerospace, SAE International
  • David Friedmann, S&T Lead, DEVCOM Aviation & Missile Center
  • Dianna Davis-Small, Transportation Security Specialist, Strategy, Policy Coordination & Innovation, TSA
  • Dr James C. Elmore, Transportation Security Specialist, Strategy, Policy Coordination & Innovation, TSA
  • Greg Campbell, Director, Virginia Department of Aviation
  • Haddon Antonucci, Policy Director, Office Congressman Jeff Van Drew
  • Heidi J. Williams, Senior Director, Air Traffic Services & Infrastructure, National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)
  • Jillian Keeler, Research Assistant, Urban Air Mobility, NASA
  • Jimmy Smith, National UAS Representative, NATCA
  • Lieutenant Carlos Easterbrook, eVTOL Project Lead, APF CTF / Emerging Technologies ITF
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Bess, Product Manager, Tactical Uncrewed Aircraft Systems, Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Project Office, Program Executive Office, Aviation (PEO Aviation)
  • Ludovic Aron, Representative to the U.S.A., EASA
  • Nancy Mendonca, Deputy, AAM Mission Integration Office, ARMD, NASA
  • Tracy Tynan, Director, Virginia Unmanned Systems Center, Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC)
  • Will Hutson, National UAM Representative, NATCA
  • William "Carson" Spence, Director Acting, Policy Coordination Division, Strategy, Policy Coordination & Innovation, TSA
  • Yolanka Wulff JD, Executive Director, Community Air Mobility Initiative (CAMI)

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Hilton Arlington
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