International Dismounted Soldier 2024 Conference

October 29-30, 2024 - London, United Kingdom

Navigating the Evolving Battlespace: Enhancing the Capabilities of the Dismounted Soldier

The modern battlefield requires dismounted soldiers to be agile, adaptable, and extremely skilled. With a particular focus on developments in equipment, urban and complex terrain, training approaches, and operational tactics, International Dismounted Soldier (IDS) 2024 explores the changing environment of warfare and its impact on dismounted situational awareness. Highlighting significant advancements meant to maximise light forces effectiveness, survivability, and mission success in a variety of operational conditions, ranging from individual gear to squad-level tactics. The event brings together military leaders, experts and industry representatives for an opportunity to hear presentations on the latest developments, challenges and trends in dismounted soldier systems.

Across the globe, militaries recognise the value of infantry soldiers taking a light approach to ensure they maintain peak physical and cognitive performance while minimising the risk of injury. The third annual International Dismounted Soldier will focus on technological developments which have enhanced the capabilities of infantry and marines to be superior to opposition and deliver updates from an increased range of international perspectives regarding dismantled soldier system programs

Across the globe, militaries recognise the value of infantry soldiers taking a light approach to ensure they maintain peak physical and cognitive performance while minimising the risk of injury. Join us to explore innovative solutions and foster cooperation in tackling future threats regarding the Dismounted Soldier.

Benefits of Attending

  • Gain insight from NATO and allied nations on increasing dismounted close combat and ensuring readiness and communications
  • Optimise the Dismounted Soldier platform by integrating critical technologies and advanced equipment while managing the cognitive and physical burden
  • Receive an update on advancing technology and lessons identified from programs enhancing the situational awareness of the soldier.
  • Share best practice to ensure that interoperability continues to be achieved for collective defence and future operations
  • Hear from key military figures on lessons identified in combat, in urban and complex terrain, to enhance the lethality and survivability of the soldier.
  • Learn from current procurement projects to understand how nations are advancing their capability to deliver lethal effects

Key Themes Include:

  • Infantry Tactics & Operations
  • Soldier Modernisation
  • Training & Readiness
  • Physical & Cognitive Burden
  • Improved Lethality & Technology
  • Collaboration & Interoptability
  • Urban Terrain & Future Warfare

Why Attend

Attend International Dismounted Soldier and learn about:
  • Opportunity to hear an update from the British Army, as the UK takes over as the new leader of the NATO Rapid Response Force. They will shed light on the most recent changes and advancements regarding the Dismounted Soldier.
  • The only conference to cover the entire spectrum of the dismounted soldier and provide strategic insights from key decision-makers within Land Forces. Expect a detailed insight into specific themes such as training, physical and cognitive burdens, lethality, survivability, and integrated soldier systems.
  • International Dismounted Soldier is co-located with Future Mortar Systems , providing a unique opportunity to meet with both industry and military specialists in the field of land operations. The shared exhibition space provides a great opportunity for networking and collaboration.

A very well run, well-focussed event that provided a wide variety of good quality, up-to-date information from within the sector

Head of Land & Littoral Solutions, SEA

An event focussed on an underrepresented aspect of the defence community. IDS enables a forum at which dismounted experts can meet and progress ideas

Managing Director, 4GD

As ever, the engagement with industry is invaluable

British Army HQ

2024 Conference Chairman

  • Gary Deakin CBE, Founder, Kingfisher Consulting

2024 Speakers

  • Lieutenant General Dame Sharon Nesmith DCB, Deputy Chief of the General Staff, British Army
  • Lieutenant General Mike Elviss CB MBE, Commander Field Army, British Army
  • Brigadier General Eugenio Dessi, Infantry School Commander, Italian Army
  • Colonel Stuart Nasse, Assistant Head Military Capability Delivery, British Army
  • Colonel Paul Cummings, Dismounted Close Combat Portfolio Leader, STSP, DE&S - UK MoD
  • Colonel Niklas Edelsvard, Deputy Senior Representative Army, Land Systems Division, FMV - Swedish Defence Materiel Administration
  • Colonel Thomas Putnam, Director, Close Combat Lethality Task Force, US DoD
  • Dr/Ing/ Col (Rt) Frederic Peugeot, Ammunition Support Partnership Branch Chief, NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Osborne, SO1 Commando Systems, Navy Command, Navy Acquisition
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ron Dresen, StOff Urban Ops, Royal Netherlands Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Kai Falk, Capability Development Soldier Systems, Army Concepts and Capabilities Development Centre Bundeswehr
  • Lieutenant Colonel Gregoire Arnauld, Infantry Studies and Forecasts Officer, French Army General Staff
  • Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Turner, Deputy Commander, Army Special Operations Brigade
  • Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Ryan, Commanding Officer, Combined Arms Manoeuvre School
  • Dr. Nicola Armstrong, Senior Principal Scientist, DSTL
  • Major Sebastian Langvad, Teacher, Complex Operations, Norwegian Military Academy
  • Major Michael O'Connor, Capability Director Soldier Modernisation Office, New Zealand Defence Force
  • Major Shaun Clarke, Urban Warfare Development Combat Manoeuvre Centre, 
  • Incoming Commander, Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Center, Canadian Armed Forces
  • Major Ruari Hahndiek, Dismounted Close Combat Trials and Development Group, British Army
  • Major Gabriele Nobilli, Chief of STANEVAL, Italian Joint Air Operation School

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